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First of all understand that the English is just know about the vocabulary. It has been seen in India that people ask you to Mug all the vocabulary words and then you are done with English. It’s not like that.

English is also about the comprehension. In many examination You will see that they will ask you the final inference or conclusion out of the passage. Deriving the conclusion out of the passage is not merely the game of vocabulary.
Good vocabulary will definitely going to help you in English ¬†but it’s not the end of the world.

If you’re not the one who enjoys English language start with something interesting. Start with the newspaper. In the newspaper you will come across diversified sections like polity, economy, philosophy, history, arts. When you read diversified ultimately you develop the good understanding of the context.

How Does the Speed of Reading Matters in English?

It is suggested by the experts that read slow but read accurately. When you read slow you also understand the things which is mentioned in the English language. Comprehension is nothing it’s just how well you comprehend that is how well you are able to understand, how good you are in bringing the conclusion out of the context is important. That is not feasible while reading so fast. When you read so fast you actually skim through the passage. Do you really think there’s a point of reading without grasping what is written over there.

Don’t rack up with the volume of content.

Because understanding is very important, after understanding only you would be able to answer the question based on the passage.

Do not think that it’s the one night magic point learning English, communication, comprehension takes time.For that you need to have keep patience, perseverance.

Take the English Book of High School

Read the grammar from the English book of 10th class. Pick the good books like Wren and Martin, Norman Lewis.

Make the reading habit as your religious activity to get the success in English

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