How to crack OPENMAT entrance test CONDUCTED BY IGNOU

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IGNOU OPENMAT is the entrance exam conducted by Indira Gandhi National Open University, for admission to its MBA program. It is an aptitude test designed to assess the candidate’s aptitude in Management. Since there are 4 separate sections for OPENMAT and all four of them being very different in nature, this article will have a section dedicated for each topic. Each section will comprehensively cover the strategies, and tips for getting an in-depth knowledge of the subject and other resources. OPENMAT entrance test administered by IGNOU tests your overall eligibility to be in the management field. You should be able to function well in all the four areas tested in OPENMAT.

IGNOU OPENMAT is absolutely not easy to crack. You will have to prepare well. However, chances of clearing it are more as compared to CAT and CMAT since there is no negative marking.

With the help of below listing one can get help as in how to crack the exam

The question paper as you can find in the above link is divided into 4 sections.

  • Refer online resources for general awareness questions. Just pick any one of the questions from the above link, copy-paste in your browser, and you will get to know where it came from. Refer to portals like these. There are tons. Pick the best and most widely used one.
  • Refer to notes provided by CAT and CMAT coaching classes (I borrowed it from one of my friends who was preparing for CMAT). Study material can be very helpful.
  • Reasoning and Quant were really challenging. So prefer CAT or CMAT notes. And practice well. There are so many tricks and short ways to solve the many questions associated with reasoning section so better work on them.
  • Go for English and Reasoning section first in the exam. Then General Awareness, and lastly Quant. Quant= Mathematics/Geometry/etc. You have to improve your vocabulary and you can do it by learning and practicing ten new words daily. This is quite important to work on grammar and sentence formation. These two sections can be easily prepared and you can expect good score.   Time management is also very important so better work on it.
  • Enjoy your preparation and exam, instead of pressurizing yourself. There are thousands of possibilities out there. And OPENMAT is transferred twice a year, so one can simply clear it in the next attempt.
  • to crack OPENMAT One requires to score 120–140 marks or more; given that we assume each question to be of 1 mark.
  • These exams are to test your capability and your IQ, not your marks. Go out there and test yourself. Work hard on yourself and focus, if you fail.
  • OPENMAT and other competing exams open a gate to increases your knowledge and learn a lot of new things and concerning a number of subjects/fields. Focus on Learning and HOW YOU CAN Achieve THESE Principle IN PRACTICAL LIFE, instead of solving these exams.

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