How To Find The Best Schools in North Delhi?

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A good early foundation in education makes way for a bright and successful future ahead in life. In fact, this very thought is the precursor for parents going about searching for good schools so that they are able to ensure a good education for their ward. And, this is especially true given the intensity of competition in education with so many patterns/ways of education available these days. Furthermore, recent stride in information technology and its impact on the entire education system is also changing the very face of how education is taught today. So, it is little hard time for parents to decide from various options available to them these days.

With many options available in their hands, what parents should do in the current scenario to find a good school for the education of their ward? Moreover, it’s bit complicated specially in Delhi  region where you have la large number of schools providing education on various patterns, some are very recent that you’re not sure about, to come with the right answer. Still, there are few things that parents can always do on their part to find the best school in North Delhi, the largest part of Delhi in terms of area and population. Some of these below points will help parents looking for good schools for the admission of their wards-

1.    Get a list of schools in your area ready with details of admission process and contact information of each school.
2.    Find out the education pattern (CBSE, ICSE etc.) that these schools follow and accordingly decide the one that you want your child to follow.
3.    Methodology of teaching and learning, if the schools emphasizes on mental as well as physical aspects of learning to ensure all-round growth of its students?
4.    Infrastructure of the school and if ample space is available to play and perform extra-curricular activities in and out of the classroom.
5.    Past track record of the school along with, if possible, the word of mouth from the parents of current students enrolled in the school.

Sant Sujan Singh ji School is among the leading school in north delhi , which is having a holistic method of learning to ensure all-round development of its students and surely a great choice as a school for the admission of your ward.

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