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How to prepare English for SSC CGL Tier-2

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How to prepare English for SSC CGL Tier-2

How to prepare for SSC CGL Tier-2  has always been in mind of students who clear Tier 1 of SSC CGL. All you need to gear up your preparation for ssc CGL Tier-2 not only by mustering your knowledge but also by gathering dauntlessness so that you can cope with the pressure which generally occurs in examination. Firstly we will discuss some arrow to go through your examination with hassle free.

Pressure- over being pressure all you need to work best on pressure. Without being pressure there is no expectation without expectation you can not strive with enthusiasm.

Various steps to follow which abate you pressure. Aware about the topics, do exercise of previous paper

Well now you need to focus on English subject which covers the several topics like during process of How to prepare for SSc CGL – Tier 2

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voice and narration which covers atleast 40 to 50 marks in your tier two examination it also gives you more than 95% accuracy which is very essential to maintain so practice it more and more

passage it covers 20 to 30 marks by reading newspaper and do questions related to passage which already asked in your previous examination  it gives you perfection over your topic

synonyms, antonyms, one word substitution, idiom and phrases and most Important phrasal verbs which cover plenty of marks and has very significant role over English language vocabulary helps us to make command over language

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PQRS also known as sentence arrangement or jumbled sentence in this topic only practice with this you can garner more marks

Comman error while solving comman error question who all need learn foundation of grammer and build a command by doing more exercise

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Fill in the blanks students this is not very esay section as it sound because they require us more knowledge so that we can chose the best which gives us a meaningful suitable sentence

Close/cloze test students it covers gigantic question but be very careful the most confusing section because in this section paragraph comes in any field whether it is realed to current event like teen talak , ebola virus anything its could be , they ask various field like politicl science , geographical condition , historial event or economic based thus you must have erudition over various fields

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Now I will be there for your support so apart from studies(which I help you) all you need to learn the knack to bristle with tranquility because calm mind can give gargantuan positive result which everyone wants. Now go and kill your examination and comes to me with a feather in your cap.


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