How to Prepare for CSAT Prelims UPSC CSE Exam

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How to Prepare for CSAT Exam
How to Prepare for CSAT Exam

Best Strategies to Start Preparing for the CSAT Prelims Examination

CSAT known as Civil Services Aptitude Test is the Part of the UPSC(Union Public Service Commission ) Prelims Examination. Generally in the Lay man Language it is Called as the Civil Services Preliminary Examination. We will Discuss the steps Required to Crack the CSAT Examination along with the Successful Mantras adopted by the UPSC Aspirants who have Prepared for CSAT Examination and Cracked UPSC with Flying Coolours.

There are Strategies to Crack the CSAT Prelims Examination. This Article will Tell you How you Should Start Preparing for the CSAT Exam. There is no doubt, that the CSAT is a first Step towards your Dream of Becoming the IAS Officer.


Did you ever see CSAT word Itself in the UPSC Notification?

Its the Name Marketed by the IAS coaching Institutes Itself. Its True!!

Technically CSAT = General Studies Paper 2 in UPSC CSE.

About CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test)

CSAT which is introduced in 2011 has turned out to very crucial for qualifying preliminary examination. One can easily score 150/200 in CSAT even in a tough paper with minimum knowledge and adequate practice

CSAT question paper has

  • Aptitude part which consists of logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, decision making etc
  • Comprehension passages which will be around 30 out of 80

You know what, CSAT Exam is qualifying in Nature.

Duration Required to Prepare for CSAT Exam:- 3 months (Approx.)


Comprehension passages preparation:

For answering these questions one should have a skill of summarizing a passage with just one reading. For this daily read Hindu paper loudly after reading the article once try to comprehend it and write the summary of in notes. Then go back to the article see what points you missed.

During initial days you retrieve only few points during summarizing but over a period of time when you do this every day you can just comprehend the article with just one reading. This in turn makes your current affairs notes very easily.

If we can do this same in exam, with just one reading and going through the options we can find out answers to comprehension very easily.

Actually this is the skill which every civil servant is supposed to have while going through large number of files.

So to conclude we need to read an article try to write summary of that after one reading and keep practicing so that you can reproduce all important key points after just one reading of article.

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Aptitude and logical reasoning:

Arts, humanities, medical background: One who don’t have mathematics background should do a little more hard work in preparation of CSAT. Take a standard book for CSAT by spectrum or TATA mcgrl which are available in market and solve the whole book.

In starting of every chapter you will have short cut methods for each type of problem kindly read that understand and start practicing. Every day you need to practice at least for 1 hour which will be more than sufficient.

Engineering background: One with engineering background can start can just go through the basic theory part how to solve problem, how to solve logical reasoning and start attempting mock tests

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When to start preparation

As now prelims are scheduled to be in August aspirants can start CSAT preparation in month of April. Every day you need to study for 1 hour. Keep brushing the topics and practice bits from standard books.

Never neglect CSAT; it is most important because most of serious candidates don’t clear prelims because of CSAT. So you should be good in all aptitude and comprehension part.

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Mock tests

Everyone should write around 30 mock tests before going to the exam. This is the most important part of preparation. Take out old question papers, mock tests from various institutes, mock tests from online. Write as many as mock tests

It is like from month of June you can start writing mock test. Every alternate day after lunch between 2PM to 3.50PM write a mock sitting in your room. Keep the time for 1hour 50 mins only because in exam 10 minutes will be wasted anyway because of many reasons. So we should be prepared for worst.


IAS Notes

So every alternate day a test and 30 tests so it takes 60 days to complete all 30 mock tests. If you can write these 30 mock tests irrespective of any background CSAT will be a cake walk. Noting can stop you from scoring 150 whatever may be toughness of the paper.

Important note aspirants even with engineering should practice these mock test otherwise it is very tough to get good marks.

Prelims is first stage in preparation for UPSC or IAS exams , students take help from many coachings and many teachers while preparing but what is more important is.

  1. Time Management while preparing.

  2. Confidence.


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