How To Prepare For Neet 2020 Without Joining Classes

How to prepare for Neet 2020 without joining classes

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After completing Higher studies students start pondering about their career, and some of them choose medical. But after choosing the biggest question comes “how to start?” Some students choose not to attend coaching classes, but the main question comes “how to prepare, then?”. First of all let me acknowledge you that cracking NEET is possible without attending coaching classes. So, there’s no need to be worried, we are here to answer you.

1)What is NEET?

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. It is an entrance exam for those who want to pursue medical as their career in future. NEET was formerly AIPMT which was started on year 2013.
NEET is conducted under supervision of a government regulatory body, and that is NTA (National Testing Agency). This entrance exam is conducted once each year and there is also a probability of conducting this test twice a year. For this NEET session (that is neet 2020) registration have started from 2 Dec 2019.

2)Who can appear in NEET?

Candidates with PCB stream that is Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their main subjects can apply for NEET.
Students who are currently in 12th standard, as well as those who have completed their Higher secondary education, are eligible to appear and apply for NEET.
There should be an aggregate of 50% in total in result of higher secondary exams. And the candidate must have pass the class in one successful attempt. Plus there is also an age limit and that is, candidate should have completed 17 years and should be less than 25 years (for GEN) and 30 years (for SC/ ST/ OBC etc.)
For applying in NEET you can go through following link address-

3) Syllabus of NEET

NEET covers the syllabus of class 11th as well as of class 12th.
NCERT textbooks are basics for NEET.
Test for NEET is conducted in MCQ format. In total there are 180 MCQs.
90 MCQs – from Biology section.
45 MCQs – from chemistry section.
45 MCQs – from physics section.

How to prepare for NEET exam without coaching?

Now here comes the main and the most important question ‘how to prepare for the exam without any coaching?’ . So let us start. If you will follow these points with full dedication,then no one can stop you from achieving your goal.

1) Prepare a time table and strategy.

Firstly, you should know how to manage and divide your time. Distribute time to study the subject according to weightage of questions in exam (like mentioned above).

Since everyone one has variable grasping power so you should decide your study hours according to your capability, but at least 6 hours of study is required to confirm your seat in government medical college. Also ensure that you are not over doing. Make sure you get a good rest and have healthy food and as the saying goes-
“Healthy mind lives in a healthy body”.

2) Second but most important thing read earn, and understand each and every line from the NCERT thoroughly.

We all as a student simply neglect the NCERT and go for other sources and books of other publications. But I recommend you to not perform this mistake. NCERT consists of all the basic knowledge and a perfect foundation to build up knowledge. Of course I am not telling you to go for NCERT only you should go for other resources as well but after completing NCERT. NCERT proves to be most helpful in biology, out of 90 questions only 10-12 questions are those, which are not from the NCERT textbook. And yes for physics you should look for other source for better understanding. For physics DC pandey from arihant publication is a good option. And as for chemistry NCERT is a good source.

3)Solving previous year question papers

There are many questions and pattern of questions which are repeated yearly. So why not, practice and score for those questions.

Solving previous year question papers will give you an idea about the question pattern and will also indicate the weightage of chapter in particular section. Thus helping you to plan your investment of time on chapters with more weightage.
You can simply get those papers in PDF format, online and then you can take out print of those question papers or you can also get books available in market for previous year question papers for example- book of mtg, in this book chapter wise previous year question papers are given.
There are many books available for previous year question papers in market, but I’ll recommend to go through the content and pattern of the book once.

4) Practicing more and more questions.

After completing a chapter you should head for more and more questions related to that chapter. It will help you to gain speed with accuracy. As well as solving questions will test your knowledge of that particular chapter and you will get to know where you are lagging.
One can also go for objective question bank, objective question books, model test papers, and study materials provided by different institutes. ‘MTG objective NCERT biology’ is a good choice for biology, and there are also many books available in market which consists rich question banks.
You can also get study material online in addition you can also attend mock tests. This will help you to recover your negative areas.


Lastly, but surely one of the most important point to be remembered. Revision decides your performance in exam. It is so, because when we learn or study something, we remember that temporarily but to keep that for a long time, in our brain we have to revise it time to time. By doing this, the effort we have made to understand the thing will not go in vain, and we will recall it easily.


We all have only one life to fulfill our dreams. So collect yourself up, get encourage, and make your mind to work hard in order to achieve what you want. Stand still for your dreams and let your hard work motivate you. There’s no limitation on which you can achieve by your potential, you all have limitless potential, until and unless it comes to our imagination. We all let our imagination decide our potential, we all let our imagination decide our boundaries. But in order to gain success we should “let our determination dominate our imagination”. And at last-
” If you want something you never had,
You have to do something you have never done”.


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