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How to prepare for NICL and OICL descriptive Exam

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The research is all about how to prepare for NICL and OICL descriptive Exam.

Introduction to NICL and OICL

Hope you all are doing well for the preparation of upcoming NICL and OICL exam. It has been seen that the aspirants are putting hard efforts on objective test and on the contrary neglecting the descriptive based test which is also equally important henceforth I am writing an article for you all to have gist on how to attempt this section.

Descriptive test of these insurance exams will  be computer based and you are supposed to complete this 40 marks test in 45 mins.

In these  Upcoming insurance exam the three things you need to focus upon are:-
Essay – This will do to check  your knowledge, clarity of ideas, your grammar.
Precis– This will check your inferential skill  along with the verbal skill
Comprehension – This will check your  comprehension skills.


  1. In the Essay question of insurance exam you will give two choices of topics you are supposed to select the one and need to write essay on it
  2. Four important point you need to keep in mind while attempting this and these are as follows


You are supposed to put  introductory words for the essay  you have chosen. Whatever you think for the topic write it here. Don’t explain it over here as its just an introduction.Examiner would get to know what are your views .

Common mistakes what generally Aspirant Do

  1. At one point somewhere else they are supporting the topic and at other point in the same essay they are cutting their own point. This should not be happen.
  2. You are supposed to stand on your thought throughout the passage.

A Body

Whatever ideas or thoughts you have introduced in the introduction part then this the suitable arena where you need to elaborate you thoughts briefly

A conclusion

In this section you are supposed to conclude your ideas presented in whole essay  in very  few words

A Title

  1. Title for your Essay is something that you can either mention in the top or at the end of your Essay ,as its completely your wish.
  2. People will love to read you writings if they get attracted with the very sweet and short topic.
  3. Next thing you need to focus upon is PRECIS


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Precis  is  the 1/3rd of the length of the original passage.for e.g  If length of the original passage is 750 words make it sure your precis should be 250 words only means in shortly you need to explain the content of the original passage as simple as that.


  1. For writing an effective precis what all you need to do is:-
  2. The very first thing you need to do is read the  passage very  carefully, try to understand what all it want to say.
  3. Next thing you need to do is  jot down the important points you need to put in precis and try not to miss  any important point
  4. Try to  convert long sentences into the small one.
    use causes  as much as you can to join the sentences
  5. Try to use active instead of passive voice
  6. Avoid double negatives.


  1. Maintain the order your precis in the manner the original passage is given.
  2. Make it sure that don’t mix the ideas into one.
  3. Use synonyms as much as you can
  4. Give a impressive  TITLE to it
  5. You can leave examples, unnecessary quotes, adverb, adjective that has been mentioned in the original message
  6. To get comfortable with this section read  and read many articles from newspaper you like, from magazines. Try to mark yourself with the understanding capability of the content you read.
  7. READING COMPREHENSION (DO it first as it will give you direct marks)
  8. In descriptive  insurance exam you will not find very tough RC.
  9. Things that you need to remember while attempting RC are:-
  10. Again While answering the questions please donot put your own ideas please. Its a very very common mistake that the people do
  11. Try to  Answer the question in the specified number of words
  12. Questions in this section will be either inference based or fact based so make it sure you answer it only from the passage
  13. For RC here you need to understand the entire content i.e. what all is their in the passage
  14. If you want to excel in this section read as much as article as you can. Read the Editorial section of the TOI as it has a very comprehensive content and try to understand what is given there at all.


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