How to Prepare for UPSC Civil Services Mains in 3 months

How to Prepare for UPSC Civil Services Mains in 3 months

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UPSC civil services examination is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. It requires time and dedication from the students to get good scores. Though it is highly difficult to prepare for the main examination in three months, it is possible with determination and good motivation.

A student with proper strategy and good allocation of time can prepare for the exam within the prescribed time. The candidates must have an impressive timetable that covers the important topic, question and answer session, current affairs, and the syllabus of important topics. The aspiring candidate must revise the topic every day and give online tests to increase the confidence levels. The main points to remember while preparing for the exam in three months are;

  • The candidates must understand the exam pattern well and work accordingly.
  • The candidates must ensure they understand the exam syllabus and prepare based on it.
  • Students need to get the necessary books and stud resources required to clear the exam and study religiously. You should only look for the best books that are available for the preparation within short span of time.
  • It is necessary to start from the basics to get a good grasp on the topic and then move to the other.
  • You should go through the last five years question papers and run a thorough analysis of these papers.
  • Practicing the mock tests frequently will give an idea about the real exam and will help with better time management.
  • Students need to keep enough time for revision as it is important to brush the topics before appearing for the main examination.
  • Reading newspaper daily will help in gaining good knowledge about the happening in India and around the world. So, making it a habit will ensure that the students can score well. You should go through the papers and optional every day. There are so many important topics that habit of reading newspaper can cover.
  • Once you clear prelim exam, you have to focus on last one year current affairs and go through the main papers. It helps figure out what kind of question might be asked this year.
  • You better prepare the notes on current issues
  • You should focus on essays as it helps score good in UPSC mains exam. You can see so many online videos to learn how to write good essays.
  • Fix 2 hours daily to prepare for optional subject as well. You better revise whole optional two or three times before the mains exam.
  • You should also focus on the other important areas like ethics. You should look for best ethics book and practice one case study every day.
  • Practice answer writing before a week of exam. You just need half an hour every day to do so.
  • The UPSC examination requires clear and quick thinking. Students who can arrange their thoughts quickly and write the answers can overcome the challenge posed by the examination. Practicing daily with determination and religiously following the timetable will give good results. A good attitude and the quest to succeed are the main requirements to succeed in the UPSC exam within a short time.

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