How to prepare for UPSC CSE being a working professional

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Today we at our will be discussing about the hacks which you should follow to prepare for UPSC examination if you are working professional, student, intern anywhere.

For preparing UPSC better always advisable to have clear knowledge of the IAS syllabus.

Definitely it is easier said than done but you have to look for your time elapsation in various activities.

Understand the days no harm in customising or managing the various activities that can help you best in a scoring UPSC CSE 2019.

1. Travel smart.

The people are working professional. Most of the people even do not have their office near by their house. Can use Uber ola or any public transport so that you can save your energy of riding the vehicle by your own. In that mean time you can read newspaper or watch videos related to your subject.

You can even take the sleep while travelling this way. In case you are feeling sleepy. You can even take your breakfast while travelling. Isn’t that time save which is must required for UPSC preparation.

2. Using office resources

If you get time within the office apart from the office work to download the PDF version of various not available from online Khan You can even use the internet for watching videos. You can do all learning this stuff for your UPSC preparation during your breakfast time or your lunch time or your relaxing time at office.

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3. Weekend

For the working professional definitely the weekend is for party but we cannot maintain the schedule for the UPSC aspirant.
For any UPSC IAS aspirant weekend is not for recreation. On the weekends you have to compensate for the week days. In the week that we are able to study only 7 to 8 hours.
If you will be doing party on weekend then you will feel exhausted.

4. Learn New skills

Why to learn a new software in the meantime. Because it will make you organising your learning for UPSC IAS examination in most fractured manner.

5. Become Creative

Be smart enough to take the notes even in your mobile, keep shot copy with yourself. So in between if you get time you will be able to area wise it very early. You have to become very creative for getting the access through the UPSC resources for learning purpose.
Voice and can hear later on.
In the bathroom also you can use a speaker and play loudly your notes that you have made in the past.

6. Make Technology your best friend.

Watch youtube video to get the new updates on UPSC. You can even use different blocks which will be having different courses available. You can even take online courses from Hindu Technology will definitely make your life organised for UPSC preparation. Set the properly alarm for solving your quizzes, mock test. Reminder of the upcoming examination.

7. Learn to become a superlearner.

For preparing UPSC examination it’s very important to become the superlearner. What I mean by superlearner is you should be smart enough to learn things quickly. From childhood we have been told to study a lot so that we will get a great success one day. But nobody told us how to study properly. The techniques, the hacks, the smart procedures of learning definitely make you a different individual from others.

8. Learn to say NO while preparing for UPSC.

Learn to say no to the people while preparing for UPSC examination for various activities. Like if your friend say let’s go for a movie just learn to say no. Can we go for avtour NO.


You will be finding so many distraction around you. This is the ultimate step for preparing UPSC examination to unsubscribe from any kind of destruction.
If you like it this is your time wastage then don’t do it. Tina Dabi hard deactivated Facebook for 1 year. Roman Saini also deactivated his Facebook for 1 year. If any kind of destruction you will be facing while preparing for UPSC examinations unsubscribe it.
If you finding that you are wasting too much time on shopping in any online application don’t do it simple.

10. Write a TO DO List Every day.

Do maintain the to do list for the rest of your day. If you study in organised and plan Manna things will work for you in a structured manner. Make a to do list and student list. I will not go out. I will not do this. I will study polity till 6:00 p.m. today.
Follow focus on plan plan plan plan. Keep this reminder you were under your pillow or in your mobile.

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