How To Prepare For UPSC Optional Commerce & Accountancy

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Those who are looking for the best tips and strategies for preparing UPSC Optional Commerce & Accountancy, this guide can be helpful for them. This post is all about UPSC exam preparation in easy manner. You can form strategy for these subjects for civil service exams using the information given in the guide.

Accountancy is generally considered as the communication, processing and measurement of financial information. This information may be about so many economy entities like corporations or businesses.   Accountancy is language of business that helps measure the result of economic activities of any organization.  Those who practice accounting is called as accountants.

How to Prepare For UPSC Accountancy

First of all you should look for the syllabus so get UPSC main syllabus and topics covered in UPSC mains exam. This is a lengthy optional so it needs hard work and planning. You need lots of time for preparation and revision for it. The syllabus is static and it requires vast reading. Supply of study material is limited for this subject. You should look for reliable coaching institute.

Best reference book is always required when it comes to get good command over the subject. The subject consists of two papers (1st and 2nd ). You can go for some popular books for paper 1 including :

  • Practical Approach to Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT and Wealth Tax : Problems & Solutions By Gupta & Ahuja
  • Corporate Accounting by Naseem Ahmed
  • Financial Management; Text & Problems by Khan & Jain
  • Indian Financial System by M.Y. Khan

These books are good and consist of vast knowledge, You can cover complete syllabus with these books.

Books for Paper 2:


  • Industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Labour Legislation by P.R.N Sinha
  • Human Resource Management: Text and Cases
  • An Introduction to Business Organisation & Management by B.P. Singh and T.N. Chhabra

If you have choose this subject as optional then you need calmness and patience to get command over it. You need to prepare different strategies for both papers.

In paper 1, you may find some unexpected or unpredictable questions; you should choose avoiding them in choice. But if you find unexpected questions in compulsory section and you don’t know the answer, leave them. You have to use your time wisely on the question & numerical types you know. You will get marks easily after solving known questions.  You can achieve around 140-150 even if you leave 40 0r 50 questions unanswered. In Paper 2, You should do the same with compulsory as you do in paper 1.


How should learn how to write answers in this paper. You should add catchy introduction via lines, quotes or general explanation.  You should also use diagrams effectively. Ending should be with example in positive way. There should be mix of points and paragraphs while writing answers. Commerce is a technical subject and there are more than 100 marks worth numerical. You can score well with the help of them.


Notes making also play very important role so better collect information of the topic from various sources and then integrate it at one place. You have to work on time management too.


Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding IAS preparation.

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