How to Prepare for Zoology Optional for UPSC IAS Mains Exam

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Today we will be discussing the strategies to is the IAS examination with the answer of question how to prepare for zoology optional in the UPSC examinations

UPSC aspirant should be aware of what is the UPSC examination and how to prepare for UPSC strategically.

UPSC IAS examination basically is conducted by UPSC in three stages

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains and
  3. Interview

For preparing IAS and UPSC examination you should be aware of the detailed syllabus of UPSC IAS Mains examination
Have you heard the name of Rachit Raj who took the zoology as optional subject and 8th examination with good marks. Our team of expert directly spoke with Rajat Raj 2 come out with the proper strategy on how to prepare for zoology optional for IAS and UPSC main examination.

Zoology is a subject which is very subjective in attitude. So the subject is very lengthy and very white sweet requires the really very hard work by an UPSC aspirant. Aspirant should know the syllabus of UPSC zoology main examination to is this part.

Understand that UPSC aspirant cannot buy many books because they are preparing for IAS examination by taking gap in their job.

But demand of the examination is to reduce the quality answers of the question being asked in the main examination. The best ways is to take the handwritten notes by the toppers of UPSC with zoology as the main subject

Look this is how the notes look likes

Zoology notes

As the syllabus of the zooology optional is very wide so after after analysing a lot the conclusion is to read the printed or the handwritten notes by any coaching institute or by any topper. Because they already have done the analysing part so you can save your 40% of time by reading the notes directly.

The level and the type of the question which is being asked in the science optional of the UPSC main examination touches the reputed University descriptive question paper. Sometimes the question even touches the post graduate syllabus of the science subject.

Donot ignore the previous year paper

IAS aspirant should not ignore the previous year paper of the optional subject he or she opted for. The reason for this is that you need to develop the balance between what you are learning and what is being asked. Sometimes what happen if we go the extra Mile of the syllabus in one particular topic thinking of that it is IES examination and any question come out. While doing so we won’t be able to touch even the bare minimum requirement of learning in other topics. So do not do that. This is the reason we stick to the syllabus of UPSC examination and must do the previous year question paper.

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