How to Prepare IELTS Vocabulary

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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This exam is designed to assess the language ability of candidates. In some countries where English language proficiency is must to get admission in universities and colleges qualifying this exam is must. In these countries English language is used for communication. This exam is like entry ticket for many universities and colleges in other countries. You have to prepare for reading, listening, speaking and writing this language. You can study, work and live in foreign countries with IELTS. The most important part to focus is vocabulary part.


If you want to know how to improve vocabulary, this guide can be helpful.  There are so many vocabulary tests are available online that you can access. These test help improve common vocabulary. Once you get good command over the vocabulary, you will feel more confident. You can start with some easy and common vocabulary words and then search English vocabulary list.  It is quite easy to improve it by learning 100 difficult words with meaning every day.


You should search some apps that help you find vocabulary words with meaning and sentences. It helps learn and understand difficult words easily. IELTS speaking vocabulary is easy to find. You just need to explore best books, online sources, free courses and apps.

Students preparing for IELTS exam need to brush their vocabulary techniques and skills as it make 25% of the total marks in the writing and speaking tests. It is the important part of vocabulary preparation that can become overwhelming. The steps to prepare for IELTS vocabulary are;

  • Students need to pick a book, radio show, TV show or a magazine that can hold their attention for a long time. If students pick something boring, then they cannot stick to the plan as it gets too distracting. Students will learn English effectively by enjoying what they do.
  • Students need to buy a notebook specifically for the purpose of writing new English words in it every day.
  • The next step is to pick 15 words at least from the radio show/book/magazine they read or listen that they cannot understand. Students need to try to guess the meaning of the words from the context. It will help them remember the words for a long time.
  • To find the correct meaning of the words, they can look the new words in the dictionary or online. Students need to write the synonym, antonym, connections, and pronunciation. It will help them remember the word during the exam.
  • Students need to review the words frequently after one week or one month. They also need to practice the new words by using it in a sentence.


Students who are active and perform the steps regularly can improve their vocabulary immensely. They can also take help from the IELTS preparation guide to improve the chances of cracking the exam with ease.  This is how you can get success over it.


Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding how to improve IELTS English vocabulary.

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