How to prepare for Aptitude for IBPS exams

How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for bank exams

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How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for bank exams is distant aspect , first we need to understand Maths. Around 400 years back defining the beauty of mathematics one of the finest physicist and astronomer till date Sir Galileo Galilie said that “Mathematics” is a subject in which God has written the universe’,but even after being such a beautiful and great subject it has always created some sort of fear in minds of students whether they are associated with academics or preparing for some competitive examination.

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what I mean to say is that it is a common misconception amongst many aspirants that Quantitative Aptitude for bank exams is the most “difficult” section of any competitive exam. The truth is that a positive mindset and a  hard work full of passion and persistency can help an aspirant to achieve a good score in this section irrespective of his or her past academic background. So I urge all future competitive exam aspirants to wipe away the unnecessary fear and start preparing in a very attentive and confident manner. Here are a few tips or rather suggestions from my side to all aspirants to make quantitative  aptitude too as their strong part(if not strongest) while facing or writing a competitive exam…

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Tips for How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for bank exams :

1). Start preparing for the exam at least 5 months before the exam. You should put in at least 2 to 3 hours every day for the preparation of this section.In case if you miss out for some reason on a given day, make up for it on the other day or at the end of the week for sure because in QA continuity in practice is a very important thing.

2).Learn tables up to 50 thoroughly. Similarly squares up to 50 and cubes up to 20. Additionally, learn the tricks to find out squares quickly  It really will make your calculation speed faster and increase your question solving ability. Most of the candidates fails due to lack of time and major part of their time is wasted on calculations in quantitative and reasoning section.

3). As we know speed plays a major role in competitive exams so you are required to do calculations at lightning speed. It  is also a major differentiator between a successful and an unsuccessful candidate. For this learn the tips and tricks of faster calculations from any good mathematics book, For this I will recommend “Trachtenberg book for speed mathematics” It’s a very good book for developing speed of calculation  and extremely fun to learn.. Do not forget to practice calculations every day. Do not lose touch with it ; but yes amid all this remember one thing;

4). No matter what people say but competitive exams test nothing but your basic concepts on a topic in Quant;so you should concentrate equally on your fundamental concepts too; for that it is good to take the help of a good tutor or a friend who knows the topics well. Revise a lot

after you have completed all the chapters from a good conceptually rich book. It helps you build speed and familiarity with topics.

5). While as we have discussed that solving speed matters a lot for cracking any competitive exam another important key for success in any exam is accuracy it is again a very crucial differentiator between a successful candidate and an unsuccessful one;so, for this while facing the exam,quickly go through/scan all the Quant questions first and select/mark the ones that are the quickest to solve and also you are almost 100% sure about that yes I can definitely solve these questions. Do them first and do the other ones later only if time permits because your exam is not totally about QA but other sections are equally important as well to crack your exam.

Finally key notes on How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for bank exams :

Be careful enough to avoid the “speed-breakers” both in QA and DI. Identify them first before you start solving the section. They can reduce your overall attempts.

 Don’t look into someone else’s screen – you’ll not gain anything from it. On the contrary, you’ll lose valuable time. Also don’t get tensed during the exam, If the questions are difficult/lengthy, they are so for every other candidate.

Do not preoccupy your mind about the cut-off as it varies from year to year. If it has come down this year, there is no reason to believe that it will not increase in the next year. So it is in your interest to maximize your attempts and to give your best shot during the exam.

In last just  remember the famous proverb “Rome was not built in a day” definitely applies to the preparation plan for the QA section of any competitive exam. Patience,Passion, confidence, calmness and steady hard work are various traits that will differentiate a successful candidate from an unsuccessful one. These facets can be developed by almost anyone. All you need is the will and strong determination. All the best to all.


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