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How to Prepare reasoning for RRB mains

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How to Prepare reasoning for RRB mains

How to prepare reasoning for RRB Mains can be question in mind of Many students who appeared or Prepare for RRB. Firstly you need to be calm. Reasoning is that subject in banking where you can score well if you understand logically. What we need to understand about RRB is that it is not that tough as SBI and IBPS PO . RRB is all about accuracy. Reasoning played a vital role in selection in RRBs. It consists of  40 questions of reasoning of 1.25 marks each. Reasoning is all about presence of mind, thinking in a logical and sensible manner.

If you can solve 33- 38 questions of reasoning  in pre – level of RRB then definitely in mains too you can achieve good. And this can only be done by regular practising the previous year questions paper of reasoning analysing your mistakes.

Regular speed test is one of the key to get in RRBs as we know everything but within a time limit is most important and it can only be achieve with regular speed test  . Puzzles, machine input output,syllogism is having very high weightage whereas Puzzles play a vital role in mains as it is  comes around of 20 marks and and if you know how to initiate it 20 marks is in your pocket without any loss. There is negligible  chances of losing marks in reasoning if one attempt with accuracy. And accuracy comes only with practise and practise.

Five questions of syllogism will be there in mains. So first understand each n every rule of syllogism specially either or case where students make a lot of mistakes. Now IBPS is also  giving reverse syllogism which is not difficult but it is time consuming. So, what  the examiner does is he will try to waste your time. But what we do need to know is that we should not be trapped by the examiner we need to be alert at the same time more cautious. In the present scenario coded inequality is equally important . Though it depends upon the examiner that whether the inequality weightage is high or low.

So, students there are some topics which comes under one or two questions and the topics are alphabetical series, blood relation, direction and distance, coding- decoding.These all the topics are the simplest among all and therefore increase the chances of selection .

Above guideline is from a students who appeared for RRB Mains How to Prepare reasoning for RRB mains.

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