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1.Which command devides the surface of the blank disk into sectors and assign a unique address to each one
1) Ver
2) Format
3) Fat
4) Chkdsk
5) None of these

ans: format
2.If you need to duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use ?
1) Copy
2) Diskcopy
3) Chkdsk
4) Format
5) None of these

ans: diskcopy
3.A ………….. sometimes called a boot sector virus, executes when a computer boots up because it resides in the boot sector of a floppy disk or the master boot record of a hard disk
1) system virus
2) Trojan horse virus
3) file virus
4) macro virus
5) None of these

ans: none of these
4.A result of a computer virus can not lead to ……
1) Disk Crash
2) Mother Board Crash
3) Corruption o f program,4) Deletion of files5) None of these

ans: mother board crash

5.Every computer connected to an intranet or extranet must have a distinct …….
1) firewall
2) proxy server
3) IP address
4) domain name
5) None of these

ans: proxy server
6.Programming language built into user programs such as Word and Excel are known as ……
1) 4GLs
2) Macro languages
3) object-oriented languages
4) visual programming languages
5) None of these

ans:visual programming languages
7.Firewalls are used to protect against …….
1) unauthorized Attacks
2) virus Attacks
3) Data Driven Attacks
4) Fire Attacks
5) None of these

ans:unauthorized attacks
8.Which of the following extensions suggest that the file is a backup
1) Bak
2) Bas
3) Com
4) Txt

ans: bak

9.Computer programs are written in a high – level programming language; however,the human readable version of a program is called …….
1) cache
2) instruction set
3) source code
4) word size
5) None of these

ans: source code
10.The software tools that enable a user to interact with a computer
for specific purposes are known as …….
1) Hardware
2) Networked Software
3) Shareware
4) Applications
5) None of these

ans: applications
11……………proessing is used when a large mail-order company accumulates orders and processes them together in one large set
1) Batch
2) Online
3) Real-time
4) Group
5) None of these

ans: batch
12.When a file contains instructions that can be carried out by the computer, it is often called a(n) …… file

1)data,2) information,3) executable,4) application,5) None of these


13.A complier translates a program written in a high – level language
into ……..
1) Machine language
2) An algorithm
3) A debugged program
4) Java
5) None of these

ans:machine language
14.A set of step – by – step procedures for accomplishing a task is
known as a(n) …..
1) algorithm
2) hardware program
3) software bug
4) firmware program
5) None of these

15.A complete electronic circuit with transistors and other electronic components on a small silicon chip is called a(n) ……
1) Workstation
2) CPU
3) Magnetic disk
4) Integrated circuit
5) None of these

ans:integrated circuit
16.A saved document is referred to as a …..

1)file,2)word,3) folder,4) project,5) None of these


17.What is output ?
1) What the processor takes from the user
2) What the user gives to the processor
3) What the processor gets from the user
4) What the processor gives to the user
5) None of these

ans:What the processor gives to the user
18.When you turn on the computer, the boot routine will perform this
test ……..
1) RAM test
2) Disk drive test
3) Memory test
4) Power – on self-test
5) None of these

ans: Disk drive test
19.Which of the following storage media provides sequential access
only ?
1) Floppy disk
2) Magnetic disk
3) Magnetic tape
4) Optical disk
5) None of these

ans:Magnetic disk
20.In word processing, an efficient way to move the 3rd paragraph to
place it after the 5th paragraph is ……..
1) copy and paste
2) copy, cut and paste
3) cut, copy and paste

4) cut and paste
5) None of these

ans: cut and paste

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  1. Akash Tripathi says:

    The questions are related to basic knowledge of computers ,and are easy for a computer graduate . Overall practice of such questions helps in main examination.

  2. Sneha sinha says:

    Nice collection of questions..The questions are up to the mark and the answers given at the end of each questions makes it all the more interesting ……

  3. Barun kumar singh says:

    Nice collection of questions. The level of question is up to the mark and is useful for many other engineering level competitive examinations.More collection of these type of question will be useful for the examiners to prepare for the IBPS exam.

  4. patlakshi says:

    The above article contains ibps computer knowledge sample questions which could be helpful for the students who are willing to join this.

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