IC Fabrication Steps

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IC Fabrication Steps are as follows

1: Lithography.

2: Etching.

3: Re position

4 polishing

5 Diffusion

lithography: the lithography is most impotent point in i c fabrication.it is use of printed ck t broad. use of metal oxide layer .

2 etching; the metal is remove the oxide layer. etching are use in all c k t. the most point of printed    c k t board.

3:polishing:it is a most popular example of PCB. it a after c k t design in use of polishing .

it is use of Vlasic technology.

4;diffusion: it is use of very fast technology.Diffusion is one of sever that occur in nature. A distinguishing feature of diffusion is that it results in mixing or mass transport, without requiring bulk motion. Thus, diffusion should not be confused . which are other transport mechanisms that utilize bulk motion to move particles from one place to

Re position: is the process used to create the i c that are present in everyday in devices. It is a multiple-step sequence of re position and chemical processing steps during which electronic circuits are gradually created on a wafer made of pure material. salmon always used, but various s i are used for specialized applications.

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