ICFAI Hyderabad for B Tech

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ICFAI Hyderabad for B.Tech 

can be an option in case you don’t get any thing better. ICFAI has always been known for its PG course and its MBA course has always been appreciated. It will be difficult for me to suggest only one college, if he or she has any better option to take for but always remember , “No college is good or bad , it has to have students effort” . You will get quality teachers here as well but not

ICFAI Hyderabad for B Tech

ICFAI Hyderabad for B Tech

quality classmates and if you think that you can do better there without having good classmates then there is no issue at all.

ICFAI Foundation For Higher Studies offers B.Tech Programme in different streams, has 91 acres of campus and offers Mechanical, civil Engineering, Computer science and many other courses

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ICFAI Hyderabad for B Tech

ICFAI Hyderabad a well known name in Management education is also moving ahead with its quality education imparting capability in field of Technical education. ICFAI in itself is a good brand name in education industry and people have faith and trust over ICFAI Hyderabad , may it be its management courses or Engineering courses. ICFAI Hyderabad is one of the best engineering college in Andhra Pradesh region.

With high quality of faculty and research based teaching and deep control and investment in lab infrastructure ICFAI Hyderabad has been nurturing its talent and has got confidence of students and Parents.

Return over Investment for ICFAI Hydrabad for B Tech

But as usual , fee of ICFAI Hyderabad for B Tech is beyond reach of a general candidate and thus this quality education is only under reach of rich students and its not advisable to take loan and read at ICFAI Hyderabad , at least not B-Tech or Engineering.

As far as return over investment is concerned I will not suggest ICFAI Hyderabad for B Tech courses unless and until student’s Parents have high disposable income and it is beyond reach of 90% of engineering aspirants from India.

Although this list have been prepared with consultation and after checking track record of students performing from ICFAI Hydrabad which claims selves to be AMONG BEST B-Tech colleges of India but students are being suggested to enquire from us once again before taking admission as this report has been formed in 3 june 2014 but by the time you are about to take admission in your dream college , considering it to be one of the best B-Tech colleges of India , its teachers or management would have changed , to avoid any such situation , please verify about current status of best coaching please call us at 0120-4694690 or fill form beside you so that we may reply you or write us atmail@oureducation.in. You can also leave your comments at bottom of this page.

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28 Responses to ICFAI Hyderabad for B Tech

  1. personalloanscomparison.org says:

    I find this certainly well thought out. Would it be ok to submit a follow-up question?

  2. praveen malik says:

    do i go computer science in icfai hyderabad ?
    is it good ?

  3. jakky says:

    I am an ICFAI BTech Final Year student going to complete Btech in 2016. If you are going to icfai means you have waste money. It is a type of fake institution they will use you as puppet, NO PLACEMENT , WORST INTERNSHIP STATIONS, the whole collage has only 2 PHD staffs who works in administration not as a faculty and while admission they will say u they will give 100% placement ,But the reality is only 5 students got placed this year that also in call centers. Believe me dont waste ur 4 years in icfai . For quires contact me on om.fabrication.ngp@gmail.com

  4. deepshikha2 says:


    I’m new on this community,

    and this is my very first post.

    I really appreciate your hard work .
    thank you for this information.

  5. Abhilash Bhattacharya says:

    ICFAI is one of the best colleges for pursuing MBA in the south. The Institute has good infrastructure. The above article gives the valuable information about the institute.

  6. niharika arora says:

    ICFAI is one of the top most college for perusing B.Tech in South. The above article contain all the detailed knowledge about ICFAI.

  7. Devang Shukla says:

    ICFAI hyderabad is a very nice college for studing B.Tech, It provides a good placement to students and the campus life is good

  8. Shivani Srivastava says:

    ICFAI is a popular college in south india……..it provides courses like MBA and B.tech…you can go through the link and find out the details

  9. Ajitesh Shukla says:

    ICFAI is a well renowned college in southern India.It is one of the best college for MBA and Engineering.The article is informative. Go through it to know more

  10. Dimple Mahajan says:

    it is one of the best course to do .Hence students should develop their interest towards this side in order to do some interesting course in life.

  11. shubhangi naithani says:

    ICFAI is a renowned name in the field of education….the place like Hyderabad is a perfect for education like b.tech…. this post provides all the valid information about the ICFAI… Students in a dilemma can clear their doubts while going through it….

  12. Shivam Srivastava says:

    As being a big city when it comes to IT sector Hyderabad has rich culture in education as well, it’s really obvious that institutes in this city gives a good scope to the students and as far as ICFAI is concerned it is supposed to be a brand name. It is one of the best college for MBA and Engineering. So anyone having any doubts regarding this college, have a look at this post right now.

  13. Sakshi Soni says:

    The city Hyderabad is famous for its culture as well as the educational boom over few years. The ICFAI is one of the best college for engineering in the region.
    The article is informative. Go through it to know more.

  14. princy gupta says:

    ICFAI Hyderabad is ine of the best Engineering college in Andhra Pradesh region. Fee of IFCAI is beyond reach of general candidate. So students who are interested in taking admissioncan go through the article.

  15. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    ICFAI has a renown for its PG programmes and its MBA programme. None of the college in the world can able decide a students future. All depends on the student’s will. Colleges are there to support that will and to show the right path to them. So, I suggest that to choose that college depends on the student’s decision. But this college is one of them who can show the right path towards the future.

  16. Rashmi Rani says:

    Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India- one of the best institute for bachelor of technology….. located in Hyderabad…… students interested for career and not only degree should opt for this college…. so go through this article to know more about icfai…. and its course of btech from hyderabad campus….


    ICFAI – FOUNDATION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION although known for its management education but now it is also offering B.tech course in HYDERABAD.Hyderabad is known for its literacy rate and growth in its software industry.Students who are interested should go through this article..

  18. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    HYDERABAD is known as an EDUCATIONAL HUB…. ICFAI-HYDERABAD is one of the best options from where you can have a B-tech degree…It also assures you for your placements… Have a look and take a change to move ahead…

  19. Atif Pall says:

    ICFAI Hyderabad has slowly emerged to be amongst the top institutions offering quality education in the field of technology as well as MBA. With its immense contribution in arranging almost the best teachers to provide the kind of education a student aspires to get has made it even more popular .Definitely a good piece of information for students interested in pursuing their career in Hyderabad .

  20. sibanjan says:

    The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India was established in 1984 as a not-for-profit educational society in Andhra Pradesh, India….. a deemed-to-be university and several institutions likely to be recognized as universities. The institutions aim to provide the best quality education in Business Management, Technology and Law…. guys choose this university for your bright future…

  21. diya mukherjee says:

    icfia, hyderabad is one the renaound colleges in india for b-tech and masters.this article gives you the details about the college,its present scenario and the streams offered by the college.

  22. Vipin Sahu says:

    As we all know that ICFAI is well known for its MBA and P.G. programmes so ICFAI Hyderabad has started providing quality education in engineering. ICFAI HYDERABAD has also great infrastructure with high profile faculties.So who really want to know much about ICFAI HYDERABAD for btech should read this post.

  23. SANJANA KUMARI says:

    ICFAI is an Group of Educational Institutions. ICFAI comprises of a number of good Engineering, MBA and many more degree Colleges which are competent enough in providing the best quality of Education. I would suggest all B.Tech and MBA aspirants to read this article for details about ICFAI Hyderabad which is the best among all the ICFAI institutes.

  24. shreya sarkar says:

    ICFAI Hyderabad is well known for its MBA programme. Its one of the top colleges in the country for these two fields. I had never heard of B-tech in Hyderabad before but going through this article I believe that it can be considered as an option by a student willing to do B-Tech.

  25. SNEHA SINHA says:

    ICFAI university in Hyderabad is group of institutions consisting of recognized universities offering a wide degree of programs for both graduate and undergraduate program.The quality of education in ICFAI is remarkable.For any body wishing to pursue a career in engineering ICFAI Hyderabad is a good option..The campus of ICFAI is quite vast ..

  26. preeti nisha says:

    ICFAI university in hyderabad provides various courses both graduation and post graduation. It is one o pf the best private institute for B.tech in india offering many courses, huge campus and good placements. It has 8 campus in different parts of india. Icfai hyderabad for b.tech is a good choice for one’s who want an approaching career in engineering.

  27. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    ICFAI Hyderabad is very well known all over India for the courses offered. It not only offer regular classroom courses for post graduation and master’s degree but also the ones we can follow in correspondence. Around 20% of the bachelor degree holders don’t opt for higher studies , 20% opt for higher studies joining an institution in a regular course and rest 60% do it by correspondence. ISB Hyderabad is among the top B-schools in India. IBS stands for ICFAI business schools. ICFAI has contributed in years to the country’s development and higher education system in a very remarkable manner. I would rather take it as a very big institution with all the facilities and requirements a student might have i.e good placements, better campus and best study environment in Hyderabad.

  28. aratrika sengupta says:

    ICFAI is a group of institutions consisting of recognized universities, a deemed-to-be university and several institutions likely to be recognized as universities. The institutions aim to provide the best quality education in Business Management, Technology and Law. Not that it is the last option but definitely its one of the quite feasible an option when your luck seems to support you in the far better way. ICFAI, Hyderabad has quite vast n aesthetic a campus with good placement opportunities. So, if you want to go for it, try reading through this.

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