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ICSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH SAMPLE PAPERQuestion 1(Spend only 35 min on this)                                    

Write a composition (not more than 450 words) on any one of the following:

(a)        “Men and Women are rarely considered equal”.

(b)        You have interviewed a well known personality recently. Narrate and share the entire experience.

(c)        You had spent a whole night in a village due to an accident.Share your experience.

(d)       Elaborate the significance of the famous proverb ‘Where there is a will there is a way.’

Question 2

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Select any one of the following: [Spend only 20 minutes on this Question]                                                                                                                                

(a)        Your brother had passed the Class XII examinations with 90% marks. However he is unable to decide which course he should he opt for his higher studies. He had written a letter to you regarding this. Reply to his letter suggesting the course he should go for. Give reasons for your suggestions.


(b)        Your village lacks in good facilities for the people and due to which they are facing various problems. Write a letter to the Chief Officer of your district requesting him to take into account this problem

Question 3

(a)        Rewrite the sentences followed by the instructions, without changing its actual meaning.

1.      Why did Renuka skip the test?

(Change the voice)

2.      “Did you understand the poem clearly taught yesterday?” the teacher asks.

(Begin: The teacher asked….)

3.      He snatched the ball from him and scored a goal.

(Begin: Not only…..)

4.      The Kotla grounds were too damaged to conduct the match.

(Use: so….that)

5.      Though skilled in art, he was not taken to the competition.

(Begin: Despite…)

6.      As soon as the match started, the crowd turned violent.

(Begin: No sooner….)

7.      Ajay is very popular in the class.

(Use too’)

8.      ‘The Hurt Locker’ is one of the best films released this year.

(Use: good)

9.      He saw the car rushing towards him and leapt aside.

(Begin: Having……)

10.   The police are looking into the matter.

(Provide a suitable question tag)

1.Why was the test skipped by Renuka?

2.The teacher asked that whether they have understood the poem or not?

3.Not only he snatched the ball from him,but also scored a goal.

4.The kotala grounds were so damaged that the match cannot be conducted there.

5.Despite of being skilled in painting, he was not admitted in the competition.

6.No sooner did the match started, the crowd turned violent.

7.Ajay is too popular in the class.

8.No other film released this year is as good as The Hurt Locker .

9.Having seing the car rushing towards him,he leapt aside.

10.Are the police looking into the matter?


(b)        Fill up the following blanks by using the correct form of verb in the braces do not copy the paragraph write only your answer : of the blank


Example: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­……0…….; 0 = answering


When you get the question paper try evaluating the entire paper. Do not speed into……0……. (answer). Select those questions in which you are sure of the marks; the ones you want to answer. ……1……. (answer) those questions that you find easy because that gives you confidence and also time to think for rest of the questions in the exam. ……2……. (peace).  When you have a choice in the questions, make sure that you select those probl4ems that can be. ……3……. (solve) in less time and you can be sure of it. But if you are not sure of problems then select paragraph answers.

. ……4……. (time) your paper and. ……5……. (sure) that you complete at least 10 minutes before . After. ……6……. (answer)  every question take a minute to revise the answer. This would be useful in case you don’t find time to review your answer sheet ……7……. (late). After. ……8……. (complete) the answers revise. Revising the paper is. ……9……. (extreme) critical because it can help you identify the mistakes and. ……10…. (correct) them.

And finally after the exam, please understand that you cannot do anything about the way you have answered, just relax and wait for the results


1.answering 2.Peacefully 3.solved 4.divide time for 5.make sure 6.answering 7. later 8.completing 9.extremely 10.make correction in


(c)        Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

1.      Aurangzeb was one among the descendants ….Shajahan.

2.      The rescuers ran short ……  adequate assistance.

3.      We should attribute our success …….. our teachers and parents.

4.      The Minister resigned …………..the cabinet due to ill health.

5.      The flood victims were resigned…… their fate.

6.      The Gazette is available ……. reference in the library.

7.      We should avail …… every opportunity to succeed.

8.      When the car broke……, we had to walk home.

9.      The curfew was imposed…….. all areas of the city

10.   We should try our best to be faithful ….. our principles.



1.of  2.from  3.to  4.from  5.to  6.for  7.off  8.down  9.in  10.to


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