‘IF you would have Peace, prepare for war’

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Prevention is better than cure” is a sound logic. Just as we take preventive measures so that we donot get afflicted with diseases, similarly if we want peace then we must prepare for war. This is so because for ‘offence is the best form of defence’. War is indeed reprehensible for it leads to wanton destruction of life & property, but so is a disease which if allowed to spread can be disastrous for life.

Even in our daily society we see the manifestation of “mighty is right” which is the exploitation of the weak & poor by the rich & powerful. This doesn’t mean that the week should meekly give in to their dictat.the should unite & fight back for social justice, politically & economically. this will reed them their exploitation & ensure harmony in society.

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History has also vindicated the above logic. Had we been properly armed, would China have dared to embark on its misadventure on our northern borders in 1962? Similarly is the case with Tibet, which till date is under the yoke of Chinese rule. We also have witnessed, over half a decade of cold war between America & Russia, which had bad times threatened to flare up. It was only the defence preparedness of these countries, which restrained them from going to war, resulting in peace.

Preparing for war has a price, which a developing country like us can ill afford. But there anyhing more valuable than freedom? This is the price we must pay for ensuring our freedom.Arguably there are international organizations like UNO & its Security Council, founded for enforcing peace. Their track record, however is quiet dismal. We have seen how they have miserably failed, to resolve issues in Vietnam & even in Kashmir, which is cause for concern.

Shoring up for our defence or war preparedness, has in fact been a major stimulus for technological & industrial advancement. Some of the new discoveries, for example for laser weapons, were initially for defence. This Technology has now been successfully used in medical sciences for surgery. Similarly quiet a few technologies developed for defence are now in the forefront in the field of Medical Sciences & Health Care. This pursuit for excellence also makes us more nationalist & patriotic towards our country.

There is no denying thee fact that the war is evil & we agree with John Milton when he says, ‘ Peace hath her victories, No less renown than war but endless war still breed.” This is however, no viable alternative.The geopolitical scenario is such, there is suspicion, mistrust & a feeling of inequality among nations. This occasionally manifests itself in flare-ups, that we can ill afford. The above proactive policy has withstood the test of time. It has proved the best way of enduring peace.

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