India defeat Pakistan in 2013

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India defeat pakistan

Indian defeated pakistan paper being signed


India Defeat Pakistan


India Defeat Pakistan after India attacks Pakistan in 2013 will not be a news for me as Enough is enough , what I feel and I think a normal Pakistani citizen would also feel , I donot know what solution does Congress government at New Delhi has other than defeating Pakistan in Pakistan and bringing Peace to this nation for another 20 yrs , if not more as any how they were our brothers and should still be treated as younger brother , who forgets its limitation as younger brother in every 20 years or some times as less as 6 years but may this brother of our would have become idiot but we are civilized and know how to treat tyrants of family.

Since 1947 India defeat Pakistn has become a regular news and its like every know and then Pakistan poking India did experience some good beating in 1965 and thrashing in 1971 but this idiot brother of India did not understand and then we had to again thrash them in 1999 but now it has been some time and Pakistan needs good thrash. This time we should really reach Pakistan rather Islamabad and hand over power to a democratic set of government rather than power being led by Army and few feudal lords.

More over this will bring peace , not only between Indian and Pakistan , once and for long time but China will also get a thrash back and will hold showing of its power every now and then to India by entering through Arunanchal Pradesh.

In Financial budget of 2012-2013 , if Indian finance minister announces that cost to India defeat Pakistan in Feb-2013 has been 3.2 billion US$ than it will not be a surprise to me.

This reason will become silence as like that of Europe , no one will disturb each other , whole power in this area will be equally divided among India and China to Some extent Russia and thus US will keep on enjoying its supreme power at least as of now and can again start investing its mind in dividing China as it did with Russia.

Defeat of Pakistan will not only bring peace in Indian and China relation ship but will also bring China Japan excitation at halt , due to increasing influence of India in this reason and China fearing Support between India and Japan

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2 Responses to India defeat Pakistan in 2013

  1. Bhavna Sharma says:

    Indian political system is so currup and lifeless that has adversly effected India in all spheres,and created an awful image of our country. Investers dont waste a minute to not invest in our country due to lethargy government which is good for nothing, cant take decisions at the right time because it takes time to first think about all the possible aspects to fill their belly u know!! India is a democratic country which never go with democracy!! People have started coming out on roads to protest because the government is not for them. End of 2012 and the very beginning of 2013 has seen very unusual happenings in India. But have not seen our dear PM, and Mrs.Gandhi consoling the angry crowd. No action is taken against pak for brutally killing our soldiers on our land!! what could be more shamefull than this.
    Hafiz saeed announced reward of 5 lakhs for bringing back the head of Indian soldier as trophy, and our government is giving them visa ! come bhai come ye desh aapka hi hai, jita chahe looto or hmari madad kro!! Working on 50-50 basis! no country invite them to play even nobody trust them. We call them and let them defeat us on all grounds wether cricket or War!! and then we talk about ” India defeat Pakistan in 2013″ !!

  2. BHarti PaNdey says:

    Agree with u it is truly needed that Pakistan Pays a heed to the fact it is necessary not only to say about Aman ki Aasha But also to Work for it..It has been observed all the Time when India puts their step forward towards Friendnship all the time they are Backstabbed by them….I am really confused as to what Pakistan want???

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