Indian Airlines Recruitment Procedure

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The candidates who have got minimum 60% aggregate over all eight semester are eligible for the recruitment of Indian Airlines Company.

Selection procedure of Indian Airlines consists of 3 processes.

They are,

  1. Written test (Aptitude)
  2. Group discussion
  3. Final Interview

1.      Written test (Aptitude)

In this round there are two papers. One paper is objective (multiple choices), another paper is descriptive.

Paper I: Time limit 90 minutes

Total questions are 150 which is divided in two sections i.e. 75+75 questions.

Section 1 (45 minutes): includes 75 questions of general knowledge cum current affairs, Quantitive aptitude, analytical reasoning, etc.

Section 2 (45 minutes): includes 75 multiple choice questions based on MBA syllabus (MKT/HR/MM)

Paper II: Time limit 60 minutes

Includes 4 sections each contain 3 questions one from marketing, one HR and one MM related questions. Overall 6 questions to be attempted by choosing atleast one question from each section.

2.      Group discussion

After written test selected candidates have to take part in group discussion round.

3.      Final interview

Selected candidates from group discussion round will take part in this round for final selection.

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    my qualification us plus two

  4. kiran says:

    my qualification us plus two

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      Not us…. It is “is”

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    Great Help …to the students who want to make their Career in INDIAN AIRLINES.

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    Those who are interested to join Indian airlines so here is the opportunity for you. For this you will need to go through three rounds. for more detail one can go through this article. !!!!!

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    opportunity for the candidates for flying high in their carrier after joining this famous n promising airlines company which spreaded it’s services through out the world…..take reference from here abt the placement criteria of it.

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    The above questions are few recruitment questions which could help the one to crack indian airlines.

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    Its the great opportunity for those who want to fly in the sky like a bird. Indian Airlines is the largest airlines company in India. those crack the criteria of the company must go for the above instructions.

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