Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

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Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

Amongst all the premier branches of engineering, Chemical Engineering is said to be most inter-disciplinary. The reason to this being its application of physical sciences combined with mathematics and economics to generate valuable product from raw material. Chemical engineers “develop economic ways of using materials and energy” as opposed to chemists who are more interested in the basic composition of materials and synthesizing products from such. Chemical Engineering has a vast scope as the recent issues still remain un-addressed and awareness being very less amongst people. The need to find clean energy for the sustenance of mankind needs serious efforts and contributions from this field which has made it absolutely mandatory to find new and untouched topics to be catered. Considering this, many institutes have come forward to provide their assistance for the cause. The main focus being research and development in such a way that not only is this field widened but also solutions to basic questions are unveiled. One of the many institutes constantly toiling in this field are Indian Institute of Chemical Technology(IICT).

IICT, Hyderabad is a premier research and development institute in India, The institute originated from Central Laboratories for Scientific and Industrial Research established in 1944. Once the city was integrated in to Indian union, the activities of the Laboratory also diversified. The name of CLSIR was changed to Regional Research Laboratory-Hyderabad in 1956 by the prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and was rechristened to its present name IICT in 1989 due to its multi-disciplinary activities and expertise developed in the field of Chemical Technology.
The institute has made significant contributions in the last 6 decades and has even celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. The thrust areas of research at the institute are: Natural Products Chemistry, Agrochemicals, Drugs & Intermediates, Speciality and Fine Chemicals, Fluoro-organics, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry (Catalysis & Material Science), Lipid Sciences & Technology, Coal, Gas & Energy, Chemical Engineering and Design & Engineering.

IICT ’s basic objectives have always been to carry out research in the chemical sciences leading to innovative processes for a variety of products necessary for human welfare such as food, health and energy and the conduct of R&D work is fully geared to meet the requirements of technology development, transfer and commercialisation. Process development work, particularly for bulk chemicals is carried out at appropriate pilot plant scale to collect techno economic and design data. With the help of excellent design & engineering expertise available, the Institute has been providing engineering designs for commercial plants with standard commercial guarantees. More than 150 technologies developed by IICT are now in commercial production. Its commitment to industry is reflected by way of several sponsored and consultancy projects received from the industry, year after year. The external cash flow of IICT for the year 2003-04 is around Rs.16.5 crores. With over 450 highly professional and dedicated scientists and technical officers/technicians, excellent laboratory and instrument facilities for research in chemical sciences and technology and allied sciences, IICT is known nationally as well as internationally for its contributions both in basic and applied research.
Research activities-
The research work plied in the institute are the development of Pesticides, drugs, organic intermediates, fine chemicals, catalysts, polymers, organic coating, use of low grade coal and valuable products from vegetable oil.
An example of Institute’s work is identification of principal mosquito in rural areas that can be curbed from spreading diseases such as malaria, Japanese encephalitis, filarial, etc. For the purpose, novel software has been developed by the institute which is both user-friendly and cost-effective.
The Indian chemical and allied industries need a variety of technological and knowledge based services from professionally run institutions to upgrade their capabilities in environmental management, quality control, process up gradation, alternative feed stock selection, equipment/plant design, new computer software development, techno economic feasibility assessment of new ventures, new product, formulations development, human resource management and allied activities. The IICT offers exciting opportunities and quality services to the industries, technocrats and allied institutions in these areas.
The IICT is equipped with most sophisticated analytical instrumentation, multipurpose pilot plants, mechanical workshop and computer hardware and software facility for process analysis, simulation and optimization and specialized bench and pilot plants.
Analytical Testing and Characterization:
Product / Material characterization
Environmental pollution and impact assessment
Chemical equivalence and impurity profiling (Drugs, Pesticides)
Catalyst characterization
Entomological / toxicological / pharmacological evaluation of chemical entities.
Total quality management
Thermal analysis of hazardous chemicals and reaction
Decontamination of contaminated site
Toxic waste disposal
Termite resistant tests
Cellulose & Paper Technology
Chemical analysis of fibrous and non fibrous material
Pulping & bleaching studies
Paper / board testing (Cylinder mould / handmade vat type)
Process Up gradation / Restandardisation
In plant studies for process improvement / Restandardisation
Environment pollution control method development
Modernization of existing process plants
Job works employing IICT facilities
Process simulation and modelling
New Molecule / Product Development
Molecular modelling for rational design
Combinatorial synthesis for lead optimization
Catalyst development / screening
Process Safety Studies
Hazard and risk analysis
Dust explosion studies
Thermo kinetic studies for process hazards
Design / Engineering
Basic and detailed engineering of chemical process plants
Equipment design
Engineering software development
Fabrication of process equipments
Project Viability Studies
Techno economic feasibility studies of new ventures
Detailed project report equipments
Human Resource Development
Training in advanced R&D areas

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5 Responses to Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

  1. Soubarna Biswas says:

    Chemical engineering is in great demand now-a-days. Though IICT, hyderabad mainly aims at finding variety of products necessary for human welfare, but they have one more taget also. It is finding the best chemical engineers in India.

  2. sneha sinha says:

    The basic aim of IICT-INDIAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY is to carry out research in the chemical field.The different services offered by IICT are briefly mentioned in this article.Do go through this article to know about IICT

  3. Sanjana Kumari says:

    Chemical Engineering is a very core department as far as Engineering is concerned. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering is one of the best Institute present in India which is known for the best Quality of Education I would suggest Students to read this article.

  4. Rashmi Rani says:

    Have you thought to pursue your higher studies with chemical engineering as your trade and do not know about the proper college for this stream then you should read this article. this article is on one of the best institute IICT for chemical technology which has its main focus on this trade. Read this to know all the details about this college.

  5. Tuhin Banerjee says:

    Chemical Engineering is getting popular among students and can open the doors to a wide range of exiting career opportunities. Chemical Technology is thus poised with vistas unseen . Students selecting Chemical Technology will see themselves placed in some real good areas serving nation with interest and importance . A chemical geek is believed that , hopefully he or she will be able to help bring a new product to market, bring raw material or resource into industry or develop something new . In other words the conversion of basic resources to something feasible for industry is what chemical technology strives for .Thus this blog shows how IICT will nurture someone from raw to someone productive .

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