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Question 1- What are the two paradigms for Object Oriented Programming?
Answer- The two paradigms for Object Oriented programming are as follows :-

1. Process oriented It can be thought of as code acting on data. Example is C language
2. Object oriented It can be thought of as data controlling access to code. Example is Java


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Question 2-What are the Features of Java?
Answer- The features of this programming language are as follows-
1. Simple and Secure.
2. Portable and Robust.
3. Machine Independent.
4. Multithreaded.
5. Distributed and Dynamic.

Question 3- Why Java is a strongly typed language?
Answer- It is a strongly typed language because :-

1. Every variable and expression has a strongly defined type.
2. All assignments are checked for type compatibility.

Question 4- Draw a diagrammatic representation of Java?
Answer- Architecture can be represented as:-

Java Architecture

Architecture of JAVA

Question 5- What do you mean by Java Applet?
Answer- An applet is a special kind of Java program that is designed to be transmitted over the internet and automatically executed by a Java compatible web browser . They are downloaded on demand without interacting with user. The following figure explains loading and start-up of an applet.

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Java Applet

Question 6- How will you define packages in java?
Answer- A package is a mechanism for organising the classes. They can be stored in compressed files called JAR files . The Packages in this general purpose language have following features :-

1. Package provides a unique namespace for the types it contains.
2. Classes in the same package can access each others package / access members.

Question 7– Explain Run-time polymorphism in Java?
When a method of the same name and signature is included in both super and subclasses then the method in the subclass is said to override the method in superclass.

Question 8-What do you mean by Multithreaded programming in Java?
Answer- A multithreaded program contains two or more parts that can run concurrently. Each of these part is known as a thread which is the smallest unit of dispatchable code. Each thread defines a separate path of execution.

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Question 9- Explain the concept of For Each loop in Java?
Answer- It is also known as Enhanced for loop. It is implemented without using no other keyword. The journal structure of for each loop is
syntax :
for(type iteration variable: collection)
statement block
For example-
int nums[ ] = {1,2,3,4,5,6};
int sum=0;
for(int x: nums)
sum += x;

Question 10-Explain the concept of Exception handling in Java?
Answer- An exception is an abnormal condition that arises in a code sequence at run-time. In this, the exception can also be handled by user by using following five keywords :
Try, Catch, Finally, Throw, Throws

Exception hierarchy can be understand by the following diagram :

JAVA Coding

Exception hierarchy

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