Is class 10th & 12th marks important

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is 10th & 12th marks important

is 10th & 12th marks important

Is class 10th & 12th marks important?

10th & 12th marks important ? has always been an important question for those who have not been able to secure well and matter of group discussion in different forums.Marks can justify intelligence of a student or not has always been a  general topic of discussion among parents from different generation , more over  as child grows question gets re defined as “Is class 10th & 12th marks important” Its really interesting and important to notice that autonomy of class 10th marks and class 12th marks has gone all time low like Rupee plunging down against dollar , probably lower than that.

IS 10th & 12th marks important ? is it still unsolved ?

Three hour examination result can or could never be an indication of your intellect at any point of time and situation has not changed today as well , it was never important and it will never be important, its just the significance of outcome of those three hours of your performance which can not be a scientific methodology to judge intellect of any individual. only now government has  understood it , although our education system, or our society is not mature enough to understand this part and there may be after effect of this decision , if it will not be taken care off properly then a long term bad effect as , students will not take education seriously and schools and teachers will be bribed for higher evaluation process. Moreover one thing has also become more obvious thats marks in hand of teachers.

How important is class 10th & 12th Marks Practically

Theoretically I can give many reasons in support and against of argument that class 10th & 12th Marks are important or not but Practical life is little different and It says now that IT IS IMPORTANT.

Gone are the days of “Its Never too late” Now its Rat race if you miss train once its over and over for ever , sounds little rude but its hard fact but still it applies “Destiny helps brave”  Most companies today seek for employees who have secured minimum 60% through out career  that is in class 10th & 12th and during graduation. Although few companies are little lenient about graduation marks keeping in account different universities have different marking structure but for class 10th & 12th every one is seeking today 60% of marks , even Government organisations have made 60% mandatory for General category and 5% less for OBC and further 5% for SC & ST candidates

More burden has come on schools and colleges to select quality students.

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