ITIL Certification 2018 Update: Why It’s Happening & Changes You Need to Know

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ITIL Certification help the organizations and businesses to maintain an effective management in the IT services, other than ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL, with its launch, had maintained set standards for the services in IT management, followed by many established, small-scale and startup businesses for managing their IT services.

Right from its launch, the framework of ITIL focused on modifying the way in which the organizations have been serving their customers and clients. It changed the entire system to a more economical and quality centric process. The idea instantly became a hit and many IT professionals enhance their management skills with an ITIL certification.

Why is ITIL happening?

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ITIL simply happened for modifying the IT services in a positively and sorted manner. It helped the organizations to learn how the IT services can be managed effectively and on top of it how these IT services can be presented to the customers in the best possible manner? To deal with the changing needs, the IT sector offered ITIL course for the aspiring IT professionals who are starting their career in the IT domain along with providing the necessary ITIL training to the present IT employees.

The major reason why many IT industries adopted this concept hand in hand due to its practical approach for handling the management of IT services and understanding the actual needs of the organization to enhance its value in the market. ITIL helps the organization to maximize its value for future growth by engaging to a common goal of effectively managing the IT services.

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The changes in ITIL framework:

While the present ITIL course has helped many IT professionals to make the most of their skills for empowering the working of their organization, the future plans and ongoing updates in the framework of ITIL is expected to be more advanced. Keeping the future needs in mind, ITIL is now focusing more on the following aspect:

  • The main principle of the management of quality services
  • Use of ITIL in a more practical way
  • How ITIL can work together with Agile, Lean and DevOps

Other than the two main pillars of the ITIL framework, ‘ongoing evolution’ and ‘continued relevance’ the future aspect took the idea of automation into consideration. This means that the future ITIL certification will empower the skills of automation in the managed use of ITIL in the IT sector. Koenig solutions has taken the update in consideration and has designed its training according to the future aspects of the ITIL update.

The recent figure indicating the adoption rate of ITIL is the biggest proof that the IT professionals have accepted the idea of ITIL. If facts from the experts are to be trusted, 89% of the IT professionals are in favor of the automation of in the framework of ITIL as they believe that it will eliminate the repetitive tasks in the IT sector to a large extent.

Although the latest update has been introduced during a time when most of the industries consider ITIL as not so important. But it is believed that ITIL will surely make all the odds to be in their favor with their latest addition to the features. The current ITIL training sessions has started focusing on the future prospects of ITIL and are now delivering the same concepts to the IT professionals.

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