Life at IIM Ahmedabad

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Life at IIM Ahmedabad

Different Management colleges have different living standards and that makes or brakes a student in corporate sector , While life at Private management colleges like Amity Business school or ITM revolves around cafes and eating joints Life at IIM Ahmedabad revolves around seminar halls and library.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai in 1961 gave the world the  most powerful human resource brand-IIMA.

Top management college begining

An era of IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad ,The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad or IIM-A) is a public business school stationed in Ahmedabad which is in Gujrat,India. This IIM institute is the second institute entrnched  after the IIM calcutta. With a constant rate it has been positioned as one of the best business schools in India and in the Asia-Pacific region.



The post graduate programme in Management (PGP) is th flagship programme in management of  the institute, while Agri-Business Management(AGM), Fellowship(Doctoral) Programme, PGPX (one year MBA for executives) are some of the other full time programme at the in stitute along with the management and faculty  development programms that hone students into professional managers for the corporate world, agriculture,social sectors,energy, and public policy adminstration.



It is built on 96 acres, the campus has two distinct identities as ‘new campus’ and ‘old campus’ with a thoughfare between them. underpass connectivity does away with segregation It has a well lit tunnel having alot pictures which give glimpse of rich IIMA heritage.

World-calss infrastructure with wi-fi, air-con ditioned class rooms, awell-stacked library with access to the best on-line global journals.


Admidst all this, the Louis Khan Plaza (LKP) becomes the centre of Life for all major vevents at the institute.



In the 29  dormitories all students are alotted single rooms.

Eighteen dorms are in the old campus and eleven are in the new campus. Decent furniture and a phone add to the comfort of the rooms. Refrigerators, washing machine, television, water coolers make life more easy


At IIMA, acadmics get top billing. The faculties, all experts in their respective fields are some of the best in the world.
Discipline towards the studies and through professional approach  to the work drummed into from the very beginning with insistence on attendence and heavy penalties for late-coming to class or missing  the submission deadlined by a few minutes.

Spawned with Harvard Business School inputs, the focus here is on case  study methodology of teaching. Preparing for three to four cases for the next day is the common activity here.

It has Mess having all type of Indian Cuisine provides fuel for hectic life at IIMA. With in the mess entering for times a day becomes monotonous. so for those who  get bored  of eating the same fare day in and out, CT (cafe TANSTAAFL) is  a lifeline open twenty fourb hours a day with room  service for those not in a hurry burry to even grab  a bite.

Group Discussion on various issues generally on current affairs and bussiness issues over chai, maggie and frankies is a nomoinal thing.

A couple of full-fledged resturants also operate at different ends of the campus and offer muc   desired variety to the food scene.

Lectures by the intellctuals and well known personalities give us anew perspective for the management studies. somed of the recent notable speakers who visitged in the campus are Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Aamir Khan and Lalu Prasad Yadav.


In spite of a heavy study regimen, life at IIMA is not all about academics. Afully equipped gymnasium, a cricket ground, TT, pool, badminton, tennis and ‘Frisbee’ of WIMWI ( Well known institute of management in western india as IIMA is commonly referred to) provie a much needed break  from studies. ‘Frisbee’, over here is a hybrid of basketball and football, where instead of a ball a Frisbee is used. At midnight ehen Frisbee matched is played the LKP becomes an arena reverberating with raw energy.

Finance, marketin g, consulting, dance, music, dramatics, liberary, quizzing and a plethra of other  offer  one an opprtunity to showcase and develop one’s talent through the many tournaments at the class level and dorm level.


The T-Nite, a talent competition between sections vies for the little time left. Other keenly awaited major events are DJ and music nights and ‘confluence’- Asia’s Largest business Summit- nWher intellectuals from all over the world come down.

Every January, ‘caos’ , a cultural festival with fashion showss, dance competition and celebrity performances, creates a truly festive atmosphere in the New year. All these activities help in creating a bond which unites all WIMWIANs.

Night life at IIM Ahmedabad

How students enjoy at IIM Ahmedabad


Exchange Programme

Applying for the exchange programme is itself a big exercise- about a third of the students get a chance to study in a foreign universities for one term.

Some other events that require a good deal of preparation are the summer internship and the computer based second year course selection bidding exercise. However, with inputs and tips from the seniors these become a cakewalk.

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