Linux Administration Training – A Bootcamp and Fast Placed Course

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What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system it is more like the Unix and the POSIX – compliant computer operating systems. It is categorized under the free and open source software distribution and development. It was firstly developed as a free operating system for Intel x86 – based personal computers. It is now the leading operating system on servers and also among other systems such as mainframe computers and supercomputers. As it is a free and open source software, the underlying source code may be used, modified and distributed anytime whether commercially or non – commercially by anyone who is having the licenses such as GNU General Public License.

Linux Administration TrainingLinux Administration

The administration department mainly deals with the handling and maintenance of the Linux systems in any organization. It is so because as mentioned earlier it is the leading operating system for servers, so maximum organizations use Linux as the operating system for their servers. Moreover setting up of the ownership, permissions, manage the processes and the daemons, etc. jobs comes under the administration of Linux or in simple words the Linux Administration.

Linux Administration Training

Linux Administrator Training enhances a person with the complete knowledge in Linux Administration. The course structure includes the in – depth coverage of the Linux Fundamentals along with the advanced administration which itself includes monitoring and troubleshooting. It will be providing clear knowledge of the Linux sub – systems also. Though primarily it will be focusing on the CLI commands as opposed to the GUIs so that the trainee will be having a significantly high learning curve. Thus this training covers all the essential functionalists of Linux.

Benefits of Linux Administration Training

  • After pursuing Linux Administration Training, one will be able to use command line tools efficiently.
  • Managing of software using package managers and disks and file systems become easy.
  • Installation of file layout using well known standards will be easily understood.

Who should do this training?

This Linux administration training course is designed for individuals who are interested in gaining in depth knowledge of how to administer a Linux server.

City – wise top training institutes

Top Linux Administration Training Institutes in Delhi

  1. High Technologies Solutions
  2. Corpex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Training24x7
  4. Techgrills Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  5. KVIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Top Linux Administration Training Institutes in Bangalore

  1. CMS Computer Institute
  2. Pragathi Technologies
  3. Vepsun Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Yasu Info Systems
  5. White Horse Technologies

Top Linux Administration Training Institutes in Hyderabad

  1. Complete Open Source Solutions
  2. I Chresemo Technologies
  3. T Cloud Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Karthick Technologies
  5. Rrootshell Technologiiss Pvt. Ltd.

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