Lotus Education Cat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

Lotus Education Cat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

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Lotus Education Cat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews


Past Year Result




Batch Size







  • Past Year Result
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Best Batch Size
  • By Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • At Affordable Fee Provided


  • Video leacher is not proper way
  • No Subject Wise Analysis
  • No Online Test Provide
  • No Update in a study material

Lotus Education Cat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

In this article we will be looking into and reviewing one of the best coaching institutes for CAT Examination preparation in Jaipur, Lotus Education. We’ll be going through all its strengths and weaknesses so as to form a really clear and comprehensive picture about its potency and relevance as far as CAT Examinations are concerned.


Address: Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302007
Helpline Numbers: 0141-403 2033,099500 30363


Lotus Education Jaipur has a number of positives associated with it, which makes it a really nice choice for students pursuing the CAT Examination. We’ll be looking into each of the positives in detail and try to present as comprehensive a picture of the coaching institute as possible.


The infrastructure is one of the major attractions associated with any coaching institute. A nice and decent infrastructure attracts students and makes a coaching institute more renowned in the field. Lotus Education Jaipur offers a really good infrastructure to its students and has received a lot of positive feed-backs for the same. The classrooms are well-built and spacious enough to promote a rather uncongested environment. The cumulative atmosphere at the institute is quite relaxed, so one can move forward with one’s preparation without any added burden.

Experienced and Well-qualified Faculty

An experienced faculty is the requirement and hallmark of any remarkable coaching institute irrespective of the educational field it addresses or focuses on. For tricky examinations such as CAT, the faculty needs to be extra alert and mentally sharp. The faculty offered by Lotus Education Jaipur to its students is quite good and has tons of experience under its belt. A lot of positive reviews have been given by the students about the teaching methodology. Focus is laid on the problem solving skills significantly by the teaching staff so that the students can get acquainted with the diversity in the available set of questions. Also, short cuts which are crucial in saving time while solving the paper, are discussed optimally by the faculties. To sum up, the faculty and the learning experience offered by Lotus Education Jaipur is worth the money.

Considerably moderate batch sizes

Small or moderately batch sizes are often more effective and preferred by the students. A normal batch at Lotus Education contains around 40 students which is quite healthy. It ensures that students remain in the personal contact of their teachers sufficiently and get the necessary personal attention in the classes as well. This is a significant positive associated with Lotus Education Jaipur.

Good Past year results

Almost all the coaching institutes are judged by their past performance in the field. It is one of the first things, students tend to notice while going through the credentials of a coaching institute. Lotus Education Jaipur does really well in this aspect as well and has a really good past year result to boast of. This makes it one of the top coaching institutes for CAT Examination preparation in Jaipur.

Economic Fee Structure

Coachings dedicated to CAT Examination usually charge their students really high. This is a major reason why students from a weaker economic background are easily disillusioned from them. The fee structure at Lotus Education is modest enough. It costs 75000 per year to study at Lotus Education Jaipur which can be afforded by students from all of the cadres of the society. This makes it one of the most sought after and best coaching institutes for CAT Examination in Jaipur.


Like we have mentioned constantly, every coaching institute has some positives and negatives. It is how a particular institute works towards eliminating those negatives which actually distinguishes it from others. Having already developed a decent idea about all the good things about Lotus Education, we now move towards those certain negatives which come along with. It is necessary that a student considers these negatives as well, before deciding whether or not to take admission in the coaching institute under question.

Proper and organized video lectures are not available

Video lectures are important tools which are provided by almost every institute these days so that they can access these courses from anywhere and carry on with their preparations unhindered. These lectures need to be properly ordered and organized so as to be really effective. Lotus Education does provide online video lectures to its students. However, these are not properly ordered which decreases their effectiveness.

Subject Wise Analysis is not conducted

CAT Examination requires a student to be really comfortable and adept at almost all the sections that are asked in the question paper. For this, a detailed analysis of each section relevant to the CAT Examinations is compulsory, so the students can become proficient in all those sections. Lotus Education, however, has no such provisions of a detailed subject wise analysis of the subject. This can count in as a slight negative and needs to be rectified by the institute, as soon as possible.

Online Test Series is not provided

For examinations such as CAT, the speed of a candidate is one of the deciding factors. However, this speed should not come at the cost of accuracy and both the aspects have to be polished equally. For this very reason, an online test series becomes a really important factor in the preparations for the CAT Examination. Lotus Education doesn’t offer an online test series which is a negative students opting for CAT Examination have to bear with.

Regular updates in the study materials are not carried out

It is necessary that the subject materials and notes handed out to the students from the side of the coaching institutes be of top quality. Regular updates should be made and the collection of the questions should be made as diverse as possible. The study materials and notes handed out at Lotus Education even though having accurate theoretical portions, aren’t updated regularly which makes them less effective and useful for the cause and purpose of the students.

Lotus Education Cat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

Course Offered By  Lotus Education – Cat Coaching

Address – Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302007

Local Map- 

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Contact No -0141-403 2033,099500 30363

Fee–  rs 75k

Batch Size – 40

Notes –study materials , books , tshirt bag , test series online offline

Google Reviews – 4.8 out of 5 stars ( 6  reviews )

Book recommendation BY  Lotus Education  – Best Pdf  Notes For MBA & CAT Course 

Book recommendation BY  Lotus Education –  Best Hard Copy For  MBA & CAT Course

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Although we have tried to bring top Cat coaching center in Jaipur through oureducation research and this research was conducted in  05/26/2020 but by the time you decide to take admission in coaching centre for Cat   in Jaipur with Fee structures, teachers and management of coaching may change so for updated information please mail with contact number 01204694690 ( your number is safe with us) at our email id mail@oureducation.in. You can also call for updated information.

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Jaipur, Rajasthan
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