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In this article, we would be reviewing one of the top and well known IAS coaching institutes of Ahmedabad, Magnitude Civil Services Institute. Magnitude Civil Services Institute is a national level coaching institute for UPSC Civil Services Examination preparation, which has now for a considerable duration of time, successfully addressed and catered to the needs of IAS aspirants from the city of Ahmedabad. It has proved its worth time and again in guiding those aspiring to bag reputed and honorable positions in Public Services. By this virtue, it can be tagged as one of the top players in IAS coaching industries of Ahmedabad.


Magnitude Civil Services Institute, Ahmedabad is one of the premier coaching institutes in Ahmedabad. The Institute draws inspiration from the pedagogy of the top notch Civil Services preparation institutes established in Delhi. Delhi is believed to be the UPSC Civil Services Examination preparation hub of the country and by closely following the methodologies of experts in Delhi, Magnitude Civil Services Institute aims at providing a comprehensive road map to the IAS aspirants for successfully cracking this revered competition. With a well-polished organization and a clear-cut aim in front of them, Magnitude Civil Services Institute has managed to assist the IAS aspirants in accordance with its self-proclaimed mission : ‘Learn to Lead.’


Magnitude Civil Services Institute offers an outstanding infrastructure to its students. Well furnished, tech-equipped classrooms ensure that all the students receive highly sophisticated and accurate knowledge. Also, prime focus is laid on imparting extremely accurate information so as to ensure that the aspirants are in a good position at every point of their preparations. The atmosphere and environment is highly conducive for a focused and healthy preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination. As a result, Magnitude Civil Services Institute is one of the best places to be in for the sake of preparations for the UPSC Civil Services Examination in Ahmedabad.

Magnitude Civil Services Institute Ahmedabad boasts of a nice and well-qualified group of faculties. Each and every member of the teaching staff has a vast experience in his/her area of expertise. Also, one can be assured that the faculty handling a particular subject is bound to have supreme command over that particular subject. Thus, judging by the quality of the teaching staff, one can say without any doubts that Magnitude Civil Services Institute is one of the best coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.


There are a number of other factors than just infrastructure and good faculty behind the emergence of Magnitude Civil Services Institute as one of the best places to opt for the Civil Services preparation in Ahmedabad.

To begin with, Magnitude Civil Services Institute claims to closely follow the methods of experts from Delhi, in order to help the aspirants in their quest for getting sufficiently ready for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. This means that the students are exposed to the very best and suitable teaching methods required for successfully cracking the examination. Thus, the institute, for the majority of times, remains synchronised and tuned with the latest and most productive trends in the field of Civil Services Examination preparation. In addition to this, a number of members of the teaching staff hail from Delhi. Imparting crude knowledge is not the sole purpose and the faculty aims at appealing to the mental and ethical fabric of a candidate. Hence, it is quite obvious by the impressive pedagogy at Magnitude Civil Services Institute that it is one of the best coaching institutes for IAS in Ahmedabad.

Magnitude Civil Services has a well-formulated test series as well. The institute believes that a candidate won’t be ready and confident enough for the final hurdle without an in-depth and tremendous amount of practice. The test series aims at providing the aspirants with a certain amount of idea regarding the pattern of the UPSC Civil Services paper. It helps the IAS aspirants to evaluate their levels of preparation and plan the way forward accordingly.

Magnitude Civil Services Institute also offers provision for postal delivery of their study material. The stakeholders at the Institute believe that the content should be made accessible to all the applicants and thus in addition to the postal services, materials are also available online on the institute’s website. Also, acute attention is paid to make the content of the study materials as accurate and relevant as possible. A whole lot of research and innovation is devoted to designing
of these materials. Focus is put on packing these materials with most relevant and cherry picked current affairs along with an in-depth analysis of the same. Thus, a more than handy study material and an understanding management make the journey of the candidates really and keep the general mood, nice and light.

Constant mentorship from the side of the Magnitude Civil Services Institute is provided to its students. Prime motive behind this move is ensure that a candidate does really stray from the right path, is motivated and in a right frame of mind to carry on with his/her preparations, so as to eventually reap rich dividends for himself/herself.


Magnitude Civil Services still has a lot to achieve as far as the success rate is concerned. The Institute doesn’t have much to show when it comes to the past achievements and results.

Even though the Institute is carrying out regular Youtube classes during the lockdown, Magnitude Civil Services Institute doesn’t have the provision for online classes normally.


Barring a few negatives such as the absence of a strong and substantial past year results and absence of provision of regular online classes, Magnitude Civil Services Institute is one of the top notch IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad and has a lot of positives to offer for the candidates looking to ace IAS examination comprehensively.

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