Marking Scheme of English for CBSE class 10th Board Exam 2018

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Marking Scheme of English for CBSE class 10th Board Exam 2018

CBSE is to Conduct Board exam for class 10th in 2018 after 9 years. In 2018 exams are being scheduled from 1st week of March 2018.

CBSE has released Marking scheme of English A for students who takes English A as a language.

Total Marks of Questions : 80

Section A of English A Reading 20
Section B of English A Writing & Grammar 30
Section C of English A Literature 30
Total 80

To get good Marks in English in Board exam its not Just about

  1. Comprehensions (Unseen passages)
  2. Grammar
  3. Litrature
  4. Writing skills

A student needs to understand that Exam is also about step Marking and CBSE has defined Marking structure at every step for Board exam of 2018.

Unseen Passages : 

There will be three question in Unseen passage section .

2 questions will be of 8 marks each while 1 will be of 4 Marks

All three types of questions may have or may not have internal options to choose from.

Sub Questions or internal questions can be expected of 1,2,4 marks.

1 Marks : Answer needs to be given in 1 Word , 1 Phrase or Maximum 10 to 15 words.

2 Marks: 2 Marks questions will need answers in  30 words to 40 Words

4 Marks Questions are to be answered in 70 to 80 Words

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Writing Section

Writing Section is of 20 Marks and in this Letter writing or Story writing or some times an Essay may be asked.

  1. Letter writing

a. Letter writing is acceptable in both old and new formats.

b. Students will be rewarded with 1 Marks for correct Format but if only format will be given without content then no marks will be awarded.

c. For “Body” of letter 4 Marks is allotted which is also known as “content”

d. Students are rewarded 1.5 Marks for keeping letter content fluent and around the topic.

e. 1.5 marks for correct usage of Grammar or fluency of English.

2. Story Writing 

a. 1 Marks is awarded for Proper Title Selrction

b. Body or Content of Story attracts 4 Marks

c. Accuracy around the Plot awards 1.5 marks

d. 1.5 Marks is awarded for correct Grammar and Keeping story crisp and in word limit.

3. Fill in blanks : 1 Marks each

4. Match following: 1 marks each

5. Sentence correction or Sentence re arrangement: 1 Marks each

Type 3,4,5 can be expected for another set of questions in Writing and Grammar section

Grammar knowledge is at test

Previous Year questions of Board Exam of English

Section C – Litreture

1 Marks Questions: To be answered in 15 word to 25 words

2 Marks questions to be answered with 40 words

8 Marks Question which can be 1 should be answered in 120-140 words

10 Marks question should be answered in 250-280 words

Question on Dairy writing or Drama should be expected from 8 marks or 10 marks section.


For getting Proper guidance on way of answering a student must refer his or her English guide who can be

  1. Parents
  2. School Teacher
  3. Coaching teacher
  4. Online tuition teacher 




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