I did my MBA at Amity Business school & worked for Amity university & With Amity university

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What Amity University lacked

I had completed my hotel management from IHM- Goa in 2005 and then worked with TATA group , Lilliput and few more organisations. In 2007 , I joined Amity university. I still remember induction days of Amity University which were enormous in sector 44 Noida. For a new comer Amity university sector 44 had every thing , great library , seminar hall , still long time required to understand teachers.

ABS Amity university Noida

Amity University

Before we could understand sector 44 Amity university , we were shifted to sector 125 and that was more than expected in terms of infrastructure land , building , brick and mortars. Soon leadership of great visionary Mr Atul Chahan.

Starting was enormous , classes were being scheduled at time and students had to work hard to really understand concepts of Management and teachers were working hard. Classes were being scheduled from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Although at that time even I was not convinced with idea of white board teaching for Management students but keeping in view of IQ level of every sort of students this was acceptable but slowly and gradually things started changing specially when Mrs Balwinder shukla left ABS. Focus of MBA changed into attending delegates , clapping for delegates and worst hammer was probably competition among Permanent teachers and visiting faculties.

What I always liked about quality of teachers of Amity.

Amity always have all sorts of faculties, Best of Best faculties who could devote time and energy in helping you to learn , if your interested in learning and if you are gossip monger then even Amity had /has best faculties who can talk to you whole day keeping you happy. Marks during exam will never be problem for those who did not care about studies more , because students lot was mainly from business class family due to high fee but you have great library as well and great shopping complex as well. What so ever you wish apart from movie hall , our Amity had.

Now , I would like to discuss time when I worked under Rama sir , Asst to VC that time Atul Chauhan. I worked in London Singapore division and arrogance had always been my key strength which never allowed me to accept , if I saw something going wrong. I was related with Amity from core of my heart  being a student of Amity university at a time but what I saw happening was never according to Amity standards and precisely when this department was working directly under Mr Atul chauhan , trust me a dynamic personality by nature. Motto of this department was only to keep seniors happy , without being critical and best part every one was trying to make money for them selves thinking our seniors do not know , where as senior was busy again in making his or her bigger pie.

This department had authority and capability to turn Amity university from A level brand to A++ brand , not only in Infrastructure but also academics but habit of being in good books of boss did not allow any one to be critical. I saw few departments very closely and saw how top brass of our university were loyal towards making money , may it be in awarding advertisement contracts or seminar contracts or fixing with consultants for admission at AGBS under nose of Mr Atul chauhan and was sure , he never had knowledge of this. My altercation and dissatisfaction made me to leave and then came first part of my corporate endeavor.

I worked with Amity University

I knew , people know me here , so I planted my representative and one of my best friend as our representative , this made financial transactions in cash easy for me. Form sales was key division and had good profit. Amity use to give forms to us at Rs 800 and we use to sell at 1000 to book sellers but Amity university lacked ethics and after going on for exclusive right contract even they were selling it to other for cash benefit of Rs 75 per form, but , I had to quit when , demands increased and then Amity taught me a lesson again , If you compromise once you will be forced gain to compromise.

When we left sales of Amity university forms dropped down , retail channel collapsed but I got learning of life time. Thanks Amity

But I would like to thank Amity university which gave me knowledge which helped me in making oureducation.in as 8th most read educational website across India

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