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The United Kingdom has technically advanced universities with latest medical courses that will equip students with skills that are recognized worldwide. The medical course adopts a practical approach that ensures highest quality and standards. The hospital with advanced medical tools and equipment has trained staff to impart quality education.  This course is among the very competitive courses in this country. Millions of international students choose UK to pursue MBBS.

There are so many approved medical colleges and universities in UK that accept many international students into this medical course. Some colleges require completion of UKCAT (United Kingdom Completion of Aptitude Test). If candidates score good in these entrance exams, they can get admission in renowned medical colleges in UK.

These exams can make it easier for the students, who want to get selected for internationally recognized medical degree. Indian students can easily look for cheapest MBBS colleges in UK and they can also apply directly to UK medical colleges.

The MBBS schools in the UK offer medical courses that are recognized by World Health Organization and other health bodies. The curriculum facilitates an actual learning process that will help students to tap their potential to the maximum. So, the students acquiring a medical degree from the UK have more success rate as they perform well under dire circumstances.

The colleges in the UK offer a free environment to study that is well-liked by students around the globe. The benefits of studying MBBS in the UK are;

  • By studying MBBS in the UK, the students can graduate with a medical degree that is accepted worldwide.
  • Students have an opportunity to practice as an intern in a prestigious hospital in the UK, which can give them more knowledge.
  • It offers good employment and research prospects for students.
  • The instruction medium is English that is easy to follow for students.
  • The colleges in the UK offer scholarships to students that will reduce the cost of studying.
  • The quality of education is very high that will meet international standards.

Though the overall cost of studying MBBS in the UK is high, many students opt for the course as they have much better opportunities for taking the course.

You should also know all about the UKCAT.  This is an important part of the MBBS course selection process in this country. This online test is to check the candidate’s skills, attitudes, cognitive abilities, logical reasoning and critical thinking.  There is a situational judgment test and 4 reasoning tests (decision analysis, abstract reasoning, quantitative and verbal reasoning).


Verbal reasoning test is conducted by the colleges to check your ability to think logically. Quantitative reasoning test is conducted to access your numerical problem solving skills. Abstract reasoning test accesses your divergent thinking. Decision analysis test checks out your ability to deal with so many information forms.  Situational judgement test is to access your responses in different circumstances. These tests are taken at test centres in your local area. Each subtest comes with MCQ format.


If you are passionate about studying MBBS in UK, this guide can help a lot. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding MBBS in UK.



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