Micro controller Interview Questions And Answers

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Micro controller Interview Questions And Answers mentioned below who is very important for the Engineering Students.


Micro controller is the single integrated circuit with small memory single core processor input/output peripherals devices.This was the initial stage of building the processors of any computer.With the help of Micro controller small operations like ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV etc. are possible with supporting assembly language programming.

It is the most important part of the Electronic And Communication Engineering branch in the Bachelor of Technology we have discussed many important                                                                     questions with their solution and PDF file. Students                                                                       can learn and study for interview point of view.


Microcontrollers: as name suggest is a single baby computer on a single integrated circuit containing various other elements.These are the basic question for memorize of Micro controller Interview Questions And Answers

1. Differentiate microprocessor and micro controllers.

2. Differentiate RRA and RRC A instructions of 8081.

3. Give the format of PSW register of 8051.

4. What is the jump range in 8051?

5. List the features of 8051.

6. What is special function registers?

7. What is the use of PCON register?

8. State the function of RS0 and RS1 bits of PSW?

9. Give the interrupt priorities of 8051.

10. List the addressing modes of 8051.

11. What is PIC micro controller? explain the different timer modes in PIC. 

12. Draw the architecture of 8051 micro controller and briefly describe the different addressing modes of 8051 micro controller.  

13. Draw the required diagram and explain the interfacing of LCD with the 8051 Micro controller.  

14. What are the different industrial applications of micro controllers?. what is the difference between the CISC and RISC processors? 

15. What is a Watch dog timer?  write the programming for the ADC in the PIC micro controllers.

16. Describe the evolution of the micro controllers  write the memory organization in 8051 micro controllers.  

17. What is the difference between a harward and von-neuman  architecture? show the interfacing of stepper motor with 8051 micro controller.  

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