Neural Network

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Introduction to Neural Network

A Neural Network is a processing device –either an algorithm or an actual hardware. The design of the Neural Network is basically taken from the concept of animals brains. The neural networks have the ability to learn by example, which makes them very flexible and powerful. For neural networks, there is no need to devise an algorithm to perform a specific task that is there is no need to understand the internal mechanisms of the task. The networks are also well suited for real-time systems because of their fast response and computational times which are because of their parallel architecture.

A  Biological neuron

neural network notes & neural network questions

neural network notes

:  Neural Network

The biological neuron consists of three main parts:

1.     Soma or cell body – where the cell nuclease is located.

2.     Dendrites – where the nerve is connected to the cell body.

3.     Axon – which carries the impulses to the neuron.

Dendrites are tree like networks made of nerve fiber connected to the cell body.

An axon is a single, long connection extending from the cell body and carrying signals from the neuron. The end of the axon splits into fine strands and each strand terminates into a bulb- like organ called SYNAPSE

Electric impulses are passed between the synapse and the dendrites. The signal transmission involves a chemical process in which a specific transmitter substance is realized from the sending side of the junction.

This results in increase or decrease of the electric potential inside the body of the receiving cell. If the electric potential reaches a threshold then the receiving cell fires and a pulse or action potential of fixed strength and duration is sent out through the axon to the synaptic junctions of the other cells.

Artificial neuron

        Definition of ANN:

The artificial neural network(ANN) is defined as an information-processing model that is inspired by the way biological nervous system, such as brain, process information. This model tries to replicate only the most basic functions of the brain. The key element of Artificial Neural Network is the novel structure of its information processing system. An Artificial Neural Network is composed of a large number of highly interconnected processing elements (neurons) working in unison to solve specific problem




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