New techniques in marketing

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The techniques used to implement a successful marketing programmer have changed increasingly in the recent years and will also continue in the coming years and there is a lot of difficulties that the firms have to face because of the shifts in the marketing activities and the external marketing environment.There are few new techniques that have been added which include:     New techniques in marketing

  • Digitalization ,which means going digital. The firms these days have started using the digital mode of marketing rather than the physical mode. They have started using internet, mobiles etc for their marketing activity.
  • Disintermediation, this is another technique that has been used by the firms which means removing intermediaries from their distribution channel. The biggest advantage in this is that the cost incurred is reduced and can be utilized for other purposes.
  • Customization, this is the another important technique in which the firms tailor their products and services according to the needs of the customer, which means the customers are given personalized attention.
  • Another technique is industry convergence, in which there is the blurring of the different industrial boundaries.

Personalizing Marketing

Since the customer’s need are increasingly changing now a days, there is a need for the marketer to create a new and fresh programs that can be more beneficial in connecting with the marketplace as well as with the customers. Marketers are trying to create a new means to increase their brand equity. Since relationship marketing have grown to a greater extent these days, therefore the marketers feel that one way to create deeper and stronger relationships with the customer is the method of introducing personalized marketing, where the marketing activities are transformed in response to the needs of the customer. This type of marketing would help in creating unique association with the customers and can also reinforce the brand image of the firm.

But inspite of all these benefits few firms still prefer traditional marketing activities.

Permission marketing

In this type of marketing activity the marketer takes the permission of the customers before introducing them to any type of marketing campaign. This type of marketing usually motivates the customer to participate in long term marketing activities of the firm and then they are awarded for the attention the pay to the relevant messages. It is a contrary to interruption marketing where the customers are disturbed and the messages are wasted on non aware customers as well instead of the potential customers.This is also a new technique introduced in marketing techniques.





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