Nursing jobs in Canada without IELTS

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Canada offers job opportunities to nurse to settle here without IELTS. It sounds exciting to so many nurses all across the world. Not every nurse can prepare and qualify the IELTS test as may be due to lack of time. Settling abroad can be easier for GMN and BSC nursing students with it. As Canada has a shortage of trained nurses, it opens doors for international nurses with skill and experience to work in hospitals. It has definitive steps, rules, and procedures that every nurse has to follow to immigrate to work and live in Canada.

This country welcome internationally educated nursing students and nurses. There are so many ways a nurse can come here to work and settle. Continuously growing nurse’s demands in Canada has opened the doors and opportunities for nursing students to work here. If you are seeking temporary or permanent residency here, apply for nursing jobs in Canada.

A licensed or registered nurse will surely seek permanent residency here, so this country invites such nurses to discover the so many benefits of working here. It is easy to get job after qualifying in some simple tests and interviews. The country offers so many other benefits to its employees. The place is safe and good to work and settle down specially for women.


Every Canadian province has its own regulations, so nurses need to check the mandatory requirements for professional designations (like RPN, Rn, or LPN) before applying. Canada is offering never before opportunity for Indian Nurses to practice in the country’s NHS for duration of a year. It will help them qualify for registering as R.N without taking the IELTS. Nurses interested in it must check for the pre-approved program that can result in successful R.N registration without other conditions. It has the following benefits;

  • The nurses (GNM) can gain B.Sc. Degree
  • It has no IELTS requirement that makes it easier.
  • Nurses can do a part-time job for a specified period of time per week.
  • Nurses with an exceptional passion for the profession can get hired in the NHS hospital in Canada

Canada like every other country in the world is in dire requirement of qualified nurses who can treat people with care. Nurses need the proper credentials to immigrate to Canada and work in the healthcare field without any hassles.  If you have international credentials and you are looking for temporary residency in this country, they can make it possible. Once they get a job offer and work permit, it will be easier. Once you start working here on temporary basis, alternate immigration program can help get permanent residency here.

The CAN is facing nurse’s shortage and it may be bad news for the country. They are hiring nurses from other countries to overcome the future problems. You will get plentiful nurse jobs opportunities here. Internationally educated nurses are applying to work here.

You can easily start your nursing career abroad. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding nursing jobs in Canada.




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  1. NISHIMWE Fidelia says:


    I am NISHIMWE Fidelia, a Registered Nurse in my home country for over 7 years looking at how I can immigrate to Canada with my family.

    Thank you.

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