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Why online coaching classes are more helpful

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Why online coaching classes are more helpful

Time is changing and new challenges are emerging in every field. Education has changed from normal paper pen and blackboard education to computer and white board education.

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Their use to be time during Ancient days when students had to cover miles to get knowledge like Lord Rama covered 100 miles to get knowledge from their teachers but time has changed and now world has come more closer and neither students nor teachers have that much time and mobility to cover this huge distance.

Now in the world of facebook and skype , exams are being conducted online and students are being taught online. For many students , studying

online coaching is better than classroom coaching

online can be a difficult process (but just in thought). If you try one demo class for any online coaching all your confusions will be over.

Why Online coaching classes are giving better results than customary classroom coaching.

With changing time and orientation in teaching methodology , earlier it was being expected that students can only learn through normal classroom education but time and technology has proved it to be wrong. Classroom coachings are not able to give the environment which is exactly required for changing competition these days where exams like CAT , Bank PO , IBPS , IIT JEE , GATE , IES , All are getting online. Point comes when exams are online why to study off line or in class.

Online coaching classes are providing best teachers to everyone

Now to study from best teachers for the exam you are preparing , you need not to run to New Delhi. It has been experienced that most of the better faculties of any specific domain have their physical presence in one part of country and this forces students to run to that destination for learning which includes other costs like travelling , fooding , lodging and when a student leaves his house for studies , he or she has to come out of his comfort of house and reach to new environment and many times it becomes difficult to cope up with fulfillment of basic needs and study both. This leads to chaos in both segment. Students loose concentration from studies to fulfil bed and house needs.

I still remember time when every student preparing for IIT JEE use to run to KOTA at Rajasthan and in due course they use to loose marks in class 12th as well and loose opportunity of IIT JEE as well. I have seen many students who had secured more than 95% marks during class 10th board exams and in 12th result marks dropped down to about 50%. Their was a time 2 yerars back when so ever , I use to see this difference in 10th and 12th marks I use to understand reason and just to confirm I use to ask and probably 100% time I got the same reply. KOTA ruined class 12th of kid.

Time has changed now and now Kota comes home through your computers all you need to have a laptop and 3G internet connection or a Data card with 3G connection. Best faculties of banking coaching of top banking coaching of Delhi or top teachers of IIT coaching of Kota or Top MBA coaching or top teachers of top UPSC coaching of Delhi. All are coming to you through your laptop.

Give it a try and try online coaching now before its too late.

Classroom coaching does not give you environment of real time exam (online)

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