Enhance your Career Scope through PIC Microcontroller Training

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What is PIC Microcontroller Training?

PIC Microcontroller Training act as a hand on training programme designed for beginners who are limited with the knowledge of microcontroller and now it has become the most favourable certification course under robotics training module. PIC Microcontroller is “Peripheral Interface Controller Microcontroller”. This training programme mainly deals with teaching serial programming and simulating techniques in order to control electronic devices. PIC Microcontroller Training focus on learning about PIC microcontrollers and developing PIC based circuits. The first job you take will have a very high influence on your career. Thus if you are planning to make your career in the field of Embedded System and Robotics, then PIC Microcontroller Training will be the best option for you.

Robotics Training

PIC Microcontroller Training

Benefit of doing PIC Microcontroller Training

  • Better career opportunities
  • Good and attractive salary package
  • Understand embedded system administration skills
  • Command over PIC microcontroller technical domain

Skills gained after PIC Microcontroller Training

  • Employment of MPLAB development software with GUI, Assembler and Debug interface become easy.
  • One will be able to use HI-TECH PICC LITE C Compiler and USB PIC Programmer in a better way.
  • PIC training board for up to 20-pin devices with LEDs, switch, prototyping area and sample PIC device
  • Learn how to use I/O, interrupts, A/D converters, data tables and timers.
  • Application of Firmware updates available to support new devices become easy.

Role of an individual after PIC Microcontroller Training

Work of an Embedded Processor professional is to allow the user to run, halt, single step, animate, set a breakpoint and examine/modify variables which is generally used in Circuit Debugging support for selected devices is integrated into MPLAB IDE.

Following are some of the top PIC Microcontroller Training institutes in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad to help interested students.

Citywise top training providers

Top PIC Microcontroller Training institutes in Delhi

  1. Multisoft Systems
  2. Aedifico Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Appin Technology Lab
  4.  Hexa Craft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Sofcon India Pvt. Ltd.

Top PIC Microcontroller Training institutes in Hyderabad

  1. Robo Club Hyderabad
  2. Young Minds
  3. Nano Scientific Research Center Pvt Ltd.
  4. Wine Yard Technologies
  5. Mind Links It R&D Labs Pvt Ltd

Top PIC Microcontroller Training institutes in Bangalore

  1. Dallas Technologies
  2. Epitome Technologies
  3. Sai Vigyan
  4. Cytech Global Pte Ltd.
  5. Frugal Labs Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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