Placement Criteria for 3i Infotech

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Placement Criteria For 3i Infotech

3i infotech

3i Infotech is an IT company based in India which is ranked no. 10 in India and in overall it was ranked as 288 by Fortune India 500 in 2011. The company is more keen in providing high standardized and high quality software products and services and also in business process outsourcing. It was founded in the year 1999 and in India headquarters was situated in Mumbai.

 3i infotech limitedCreating value for their stakeholders is the mission of the company, by providing solutions which enable their customers to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive edge and they are more concious about providing the service to its customers with their pro active approach, timely response and the quality of IT products.

Recruitment Process

The rounds which are conducting for the recruitment process of candidates are as follows

  • Aptitude : This round contains 3 sections verbal ability, reasoning and quantitative aptitude.
  • Group discussion
  • HR Interview

Technical Interview Questions

1. Is string is a reference type or value type?

Answer: Reference type

2. How we get some middle records in one table?

Answer: By using the searching conditions like “where”. Example: Select * from table_name  where attribute= value;

3. What is the main difference between synchronize() method and Synchronize {} block?

Answer: Block is used to synchronize the statements and method is useful to synchronize an entire methods.

4. can we take more than one null values for Unique Constraints?

Answer: Yes

5. Can we write two same methods in outer class and inner class?

HR Interview Questions

1. Describe Yourself.

2. Do you want to work software side?

3. Where do u find yourself after 3 years from now?

4. Do you wish to relocate?



3i Infotech Limited
Tower No. 5, 5th floor,
International Infotech Park,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400705.

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