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Placement Criteria For Asahi India Glass Ltd.

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Placement Criteria For Asahi India Glass Ltd.

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Asahi India Glass Ltd.

AIS is the new and creative face of Asahi India and the name that takes towards the new and creative chapter in our evolution. AIS is being the largest manufacturer and supplier of automotive glass and float glass in the country to becoming an innovative pioneer with the newly introduced subsidiaries. AIS is in the process of transforming itself from being a manufacturer of world-class products to a solutions provider.

There are a hundred different kinds of interesting and useful products we are getting into and this company brings from shatter-proof glass to glass shelving and shower cubicles. We are looking ahead to be in the leading position in the business world and also see more innovation and more quality.

Asahi India Glass Ltd.

The main vision and mission of the company is to provide VALUE to its stakeholders including its Shareholders, Customers, Employees and Society at large through delivery of products and services of internationally comparable QUALITY at globally competitive COSTS, DELIVERED optimally in a manner which promotes SAFETY and respect for the ENVIRONMENT.

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Career Opportunities

Job Title / Designation: CSD Executive


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Certified AutoCad operator with 0-3 years of experience

Specific Skill sets / Knowledge required:
A. Technical
• AutoCad
• Microsoft Office (Excel)
B. Behavioral (Soft-Skills)
• Communication Skills
• Attention to details
• Learning Aptitude
• Team Player
• Customer orientation

Interview Questions

1. What do Co- workers say about you?

A: For this question you want to be prepared with the statement from 2 or 3 co- workers.

2. Do you consider yourself successful?

A: For this question you want to say yes and then explain with the goals and achievements from your previous experience.

3. What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?

A: For this question convey the improvement in your activities that related to the job.

4. Are you a team player?

A: For this question you want to be bold enough to say as a team player and be ready with the examples to explain the interviewer.

5. What irritates you about co-workers?

A: This is a question that fail to come up with anything that irritates you.

Ms. Tanushree Agarwal
Human Resource Dept.
AIS Glass Solutions Ltd.
Tel : 011-41001690 Fax : 011-41001691

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