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Toshiba Logo.

Toshiba is a Japanese firm which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its main products and services are Information Technology and various communication equipment systems, electronic material and parts, power technology and household goods.

Toshiba cane into existence in 1939 as Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K as a result of merger of two companies. Thus the company name changed to Toshiba corporations in 1978.

Eligibility criteria for Toshiba- The candidate should be B.E/ B.Tech in either Electronics, Electronics and communications, Computer Science, Information Technology Or Communication and Computer Engineering having 70% and above throughout the academics.

Hiring Process of Toshiba- There are two round which includes written test and HR interview

The written test includes the technical questions, the candidate needs to clear the written test before going through the final HR interview. The technical paper is considered as very important as far as one’s selection is concerned.

The candidate needs to be very fast and accurate to attempt the test. The score of 80 out of 100 is expected in order to clear the test.

One should start practising the mental aptitude questions from different books of mathematics with questions like Puzzles, Number series, Mirror image, 3D and figure series.

There are 75 questions of 100 marks. You need to attempt 60 out of it in 40 minutes. The paper would be divided into seven sections which are as follows:

  1. Sequence Figures (10 Questions)

In this section U have to trace out the next figure in the given sequence OR find out the ODD figure from given four figures. This is very simple section and U can do it very easily.

  1. Numerical Series (15 Questions)

In this section U have to find the odd no in given series OR find the next no in the given series OR what comes in place of ? in a series.
Practice this type of question from R.S Agarwal.I remember only few question are given below:
6 9 12 ? 6
6 ? 9 9 6
9 12 6 3 6
this is just the type of ques.It may not be the exact one.
U see that the sum of each row is 36. So ?=6.There were many ques of this type.
3 6 18 ? 7 8
1 2 6 6 3 2
This types if questions were there in which U have to find the no replacing ?….

  1. Non verbal Reasoning (15 Questions)

Here U are given 4 squares figures (a,b,c,d) differing slightly in thickness of their sides Now U are given a few set of figures with some figures left out.These blanks are numbered 1 to 15.
U have to fit one of the above given square figures in each blank. This is a very simple question and U can do it easily.

  1. Analytical Reasoning (15 Questions)

In this section a paragraph based Question is given and few tricky questions based on it are asked. One think you need to keep in mind for answering such question is read the paragraph with patience and then try to solve it.

  1. Spatial Reasoning (15 Questions)

In this questions there would be figures given and you have to identify that which figure would not be the mirror image of the given figure when rotated in any direction.

  1. English Aptitude (15 Questions)

This section would contain Grammar questions like synonyms, meanings etc.

  1. Reasoning (15 Questions)

This section contained questions in which a 3 dimensional figure is given and U have to judge how it would look from the side indicated in the question . Also there are questions in which a sheet is given with marks on it along which it can be folded have to judge from the given option the three dimensional structure which can be build by folding the sheet along the given lines .
HR Interview Questions would consists of Questions like:

  • Why did you choose this position?
  • Why do you want to work with Toshiba?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How long can you work for Toshiba?
  • What do your family think about you coming to Japan

Therefore, if you want to work in Toshiba you need to prepare well.

All the Best.

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