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Placement criteria for Varun Industries Limited


Company’s Profile:

          The Company incorporated as Varun Continental Limited on March 8, 1996.  The Company was later promoted by Mr. Kiran Mehta and his colleagues with the main objective to carry business like production, exporting, importing and trading stainless steel kitchenware and houseware items.  The vision of the company is to be the fastest Indian multinationals in Steel Industry.

          The Company has then taken over to Varun Exports under the proprietorship guidance of Mr. Kiran N. Mehta on April 10, 1996, which had been in the business of exporting stainless steel utensils. The Company has changed its name to Varun Industries Limited in April 2005.  Today, the company has 1500 varieties of kitchenware & house ware materials, cutlery and other items of various uses.  The company has 80 dedicated suppliers network to procure their products across the country and exports these products to many countries all across the globe. The company has various plants like stainless steelware, Steel sheet and Cookware plant.

          As a process of integration, the company has developed an in-house manufacturing and warehousing facility Thane District near Mumbai and a Stainless Steel Sheet Re-rolling Mill at Jodhpur.  The company is expected to initiate the commercial production from both these manufacturing units in September 2007.  Recently, the company has entered into other businesses like electricity generation from windmill.   Looking at the prospects of industry, the company has planning to enter into the domestic market to supply products over retail chains.

Eligibility Criteria:

The company offers job to graduates in

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Business Management

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  Which is the hardest metal?

          Rhenium diboride is the hardest metal in the world.

2.  What is isometric drawing in the company and why it is used for?

          Isometric drawing is a 3-D drawing used to represent the architects of the machinery parts used by draftsman

3.  What is 1810 stainless steel?

          It is European graded 1810 stainless steel which is equivalent to AISI 304 stainless steel which is commonly used worldwide.

4.  What is a Production System?

          It is a system which uses raw materials and some transformation process to give the required output.

5.  What is a Process Flow Diagram?

          A Process Flow Diagram also called as System Flow Diagram shows the relationship between the major components used in the system.

Questions in HR Interview:

1.  How do you make decisions on a project to be executed as a Team Leader?

          Effective Communication has to be made with the customers to know the needs, and the entire team people will discuss the various ways to execute the project.

2.  What is the importance of statistics in Industrial Engineering?

          Statistics helps the company to know the both internal and external problems to have a control over good production.

3.  What are the different stages in Software?

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

4.  What is setup time and operation time?

          Setup time shows the time required reaching the goal and Operation time shows the total time utilised for completing an operation.

5.  What is wrap-around?

          Wrap a-round is used to make a straight line around the pipe that helps in cutting the pipe of appropriate length which can be used as a template for various purposes.

Contact us:

13, Shankeshwar Darshan,

A.G. Pawar Cross Lane,

Byculla (East),

Mumbai 400 027,


Phone No: 01 22 2372 7400

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