Placement Paper of Nokia Siemens

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Placement paper for Nokia Siemens

Placement Paper of Nokia Siemens :Technical Round (1)

1. What all debugging techniques have you learnt so far to debug mobile phone application?

2. Given a set of numbers find a consecutive subset of numbers whose some is maximum. What

Is the complexity of your algorithm?

3. How will you implement a memory leak detector for your mobile application, so that when you

Come out of a scope, you can alert developer that there is a memory leak

4. What is the most challenging bug that you have fixed for a mobile application?

5. What are the differences between C++ and Java?

Technical Round (2)

1. How does a UNIX machine boot, what is the process id of init?

2. Describe file system in UNIX.

3. How can a process communicate with another process in most efficient way?

4. How can you detect memory corruption?

5. Design a system which has UI which takes either an array of char’s of integers, and a sorting

Algorithm (e.g. quick sort, merge sort) it sorts the array passed based on the algorithm passed.

Answer Hint: Use Template Function and Algorithm Factory

Technical Round (3)

1. Declare = operator for a class.

2. Why = operator has to return a reference why cannot it be void.

3. Explain how a mobile browser application works.

4. What is placement syntax?

5. Can a constructor be virtual?

6. How do you prevent developer allocating memory for a class in heap (that is using


7. How do you prevent developer from allocating memory for a class in Stack?

1) Full form of ETP, SMTP.

2) Acronym for VIRUS.

3) One question on VSWR.

4) How many directors and reflectors in Yagi Uda antenna?

5) What material is used for the manufacturing of GATE in MOSFETS.

6) One question on Boolean algebra.

7) In which demodulators PLL is used?

8) What is is the chane in SNR with negative feed back?

9) What is the effect of bandwidth of an amplifier with negative feed back?

10) Why is Maxwell’s loop law is used in networks?

11) Why WAIT states are used in Microcontrollers?

12) What is the following step after an interrupt comes to a microprocessor?

1. A transmission line with characteristic impedance 50 ohms is terminated with a load of i50

Ohms. Calculate the VSWR.

2. Full form of VIRUS.

3. Point of difference between HTTP andhttps.

4. Full form of FTP.

5. Full form of SMTP.

6. In a microprocessor wait conditions occurs when…..?

7. Thr radiation pattern in plane perpendicular to Hertizian dipole is….?

8. Duplexer in radar is used for…?

9. Medium waves travel faster at night because…..?

10. What is the speed of Fast Ethernet?

11. Zener diode works on following principle…..??

12.What is the conductvity and melting point of material used in Brushes,Switches,Relays…???

13.What happens when an interrupt request arrives at microprocessor?

14.Material of Gate in a MOSFET is…??

15.What is the number of links in a network having ‘n’ nodes and ‘B’ branches..?

16.the expression for XNOR gate is…??

17.A circuit consisting of linear resistances and constants voltage source is used.If the value of

resistors in doubled,what will happen to voltage across them..??

18.In a satellite,uplink and downlink frequencies are different,because…??

19.the efficiency in an AM system is..?

20.PLL is used for demodulation of…??

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