Preparation of Neoprene

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Neoprene comes under the family of synthetic rubber which is primarily produced from petroleum by-products

 Some Properties:-

  • Good chemical stability
  • Flexibility over a wide range of temperature


  • Neoprene is referred as rubber but basically it is plastic.
  • A powder called polychloroprene is first of all introduced
  • Ingredients that provide elasticity, color, foaming agents are added as base
  • The complete mixture is made to dough and then allowed to heat.
  • Under exact pressure and heat the mixture comes out be a sheet of about 90”× 53”
  • The sheet size varies according to the neoprene used.

The figure below shows the immersion suit construction:

Neoprene is an important ingredient of immersion suits for waster rescue teams

There are two types involved while constructing immersion suit using


-> Blind stitched is water-proof and remains invisible from the outside when stitched from inside.

-> In flat lock an exterior fabric tape is used.

Most of the properties of this polymer is similar to that of natural rubber but it is more resistant to the actions of oils and to other hydrocarbons as compared to natural rubber. It is inflammable and also is resistant to heat, oxygen and sunlight.

                                                Diagrammatic Representation

The below diagram shows the production of the polymer by the polymerization of 2-Chloro-1, 3-butadiene


                                 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Q1> What are the most common uses of this polymer?

Ans> It is used in making

  • Refrigerator parts
  • Shoe soles
  • Automobile parts

It can also be used in wire insulation and laboratory stoppers.

Q1>what is Neoprene?

Ans> It is the generic name for the polymers of chloroprene. The rubbers of Neoprene is present both in the solid and latex form

 Q2> What are the most common uses of Neoprene?

Ans> It is used in making

  • Refrigerator parts
  • Shoe soles
  • Automobile parts

It can also be used in wire insulation and laboratory stoppers

 Q3> Name the two methods using which it is prepared?

Ans> It is basically prepared using

  • Abrasive Treatment
  • Cyclization process

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