English for class 10th Board exam

How to Prepare English for class 10th Board Exam

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How to Prepare English for class 10th Board Exam

“How to Prepare English for class 10th Board Exam” is a confusion in mind of every Parents or student who has to appear for class 10th in 2018. CBSE is conducting board exam after gap of 9 to 10 years. Even the standards of English of class 10th has changed in past 1 decade. Many schools would have english teachers who would not have appeared for class 10th board exam themselves because of CCE evaluation at their time.

Although English is not a difficult subject for most of students of CBSE or ICSE but to score high in English is always tricky.

English is not a subject on which much focus is given because most students either prepare for IIT JEE exam , AIIMS exam and CA exam. These days coaching try to make students ready with exam perspective of these exams. So students miss English in between.

Class 10th English Sample Paper 

Section A Reading 20
Section B Writing & Grammar 30
Section C Literature 30
Total 80

Questions During board exam of English are always Easy , All what a student needs is Patience

How to Prepare English for class 10th Board Exam

Make a 60 days Plan.

With 1 hours of Practice with paper and Pen

In every 2 days try to Solve one Paragraph.

Try writing a letter or story from scenario in every 2 days

Give 30 minutes to Grammar every day with Practice.

Literature section of 30 marks  is where every one can make edge.

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Practice from time at least 60 days prior to exam which is scheduled from 1st week of March 2018 (although dates not out)

YOur tuition teacher or coaching teacher of English can be a guide in your juncture only if they have themselves appeared for 10th board exam during their period. Students need to understand , after all Practice is important but guidance from only experienced faculty will help in getting more marks. Most of students score between 70-75 in English but scoring above 85 or above is where right guidance is important.

Do not check your faculty credentials after exam. Ask parent to check faculty credentials before they intend to teach you English.

A new methodology of guidance is appearing where faculties check students sample Paper and then guide accordingly where students is missing. Most of advanced and online coaching are guiding students on question to question basis.

Students Send their Solution sheet or answer sheet to coachings and then faculties inform students on what was their Problem which could keep them away from achieving high marks per question.

Thats why some times you achieve less marks even though you have attempted more number of questions. Its about How you answer. N0t Just all what you answer.



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