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Oct 12 • Exam Syllabus, General • 13018 Views • 5 Comments on HOW TO PREPARE FOR IBPS IT OFFICER IN JUST 2 MONTHS?

Professional Knowledge is the Major Concern of this SO exam.

Aspirants who would like to clear Ibps IT OFFICER exam should read this article properly.

In this competitive world where competition goes neck to neck the preparation strategy plays a very crucial role to excel.

It not only the knowledge its management too that makes you win with flying color.

The Eligibility for IBPS SO IT officer Exam  is the Aspirant should have done engineering degree in UG or PG in IT/CS/Computer Applications/ Electronics/ECE/ET/EI OR Any Degree with DOEACC level ‘B’ certificate.

Its a very good good exam  if you want to make your career in IT world because if once you will give services in IT domain that too in goverment banking sector that holds that data of population in billion it will act as an icing on cake for your career.

There are very limited topics that we need to study to to clear this exam. Donot not go for wide syllabus because it never completes.

Non CS/IT Aspirants who wish to make their career in this feild can also prepare these limited topics very well as its not a rocket science.

I am writing this article just because i know people can easily attempt questions in English, Reasoning and Quantitative analysis but this area becomes challenging because There are lot of things to learn but We Should Learn with Respect to the Exam pattern only if we really want to clear the exam

Important topics that cover major section of the professional knowledge part in IT officer exam are:


Prepare these topics with a throat as it covers the maximum section in it.

Now What to Study in DBMS?

Aproximately  out of 50 questions 15-20 questions come from this section

Here are these few topics only which u need to focus on these are

1. Relational Database management system.
2. Normalization Forms 1N,2N,3N.
3. learn perpherical about SQL queries, commands
4. Entity Relationship diagram.
5. Learn about Transaction Management

What to Study in NETWORKING?

Approximately 10-15 Questions come from this Section.

1. learn about What is Network Architecture
2. Study Open System Interconnection model(OSI model)
3. Study  TCP-IP Model
4. Some basics of Data Communication
5.  Study IP Addressing (Subnetting)

What to study in Operating system?

Approximately 5-8 questions come from operating system.

1.  Study Process in OS.
2.  Study what are the Threads in OS
4. What are theTypes of OS
5. Scheduling in OS
6. Dead Lock in OS
7. What is Memory Partitioning
8. What is Page Replacement

After learning above topics go through these topics as well

Computer organization + Hardware (Microprocessor )
learn Bus Structure with in it.

Few questions from Network Sequrity also come .
Study Cyber Crimes, Risk Management, Firewall, Crytography techniques and definition under this

Also have glimpse of what are SDLC and Software development models.

From Data Structure only 2-3 questions come if you want to learn just go through Arrays, Linked list ,Stacks.

Sometimes 1-2 questions from web technologies also come that includes HTML,Network Security.

You should also have a little knowledge of  programming as well like C, oops concept.

Prepare these topics very Well I am sure you will crack it.

Apart from this professional knowledge Section make it Sure you daily apply 1 Reasoing puzzle, 1 DI question set and 2 passages.

Nothing in this world is ImPossibe because the word ImPossible itself says I am Possible.


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    i have only 2 month left fpr my ibps it specialist officer exam so please how i can crack exam with in 2 month

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