How to prepare mathematics strategy for RBI Assistance.

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How to prepare mathematics strategy for RBI Assistance.

RBI Assistant is a better opportunities for the students  to build their career  with bit cautious effort.

So here the plutus Academy today in this 1st part of the video will give you the brief description of how to make strategy  for the RBI Assistance.

First I will just give you the short description about the syllabus that will ask in the RBI Assistance Exam .


Mathematics Syllabus

  • Simplification
  • Approximation
  • Data Interpretation
  • Mathematical Series


  • Work and time
  • Simple and compound interest
  • Speed, distance and time
  • Average
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Problem on ages
  • Mensuratiion
  • Problem on no.s


As I gonna tell you how to prepare yourself in short period of time with smart strategy and preparation.

As RBI Assistance Exam this year  has followed the same pattern as last year and the difficulty level is quilt lower than banking PO exams.


RBI Assistant Premilary  Exam

As we all know that the premilary exam  of RBI Assistance Exam has only two section and carry a total mark of 80.

Each section that is Mathematics and Reasoning consist of 40 marks.

So to qualify premilary RBI Assistance Exam  Mathematics play a vital Role for the students .

So now in this video  I will show you the latest pattern question that will come in the RBI Assistance Exam.

Firstly I will show you  the traditional trend of  RBI Assistance Exam’s  pattern for Mathematics


So I start with


  • Simplification

This section consist of 5 question on simple basic calculation.

So  students you must work on your basic calculation


Addition, substration, multiplication, division, cuberoot, square root and sound knowledge of BODMAS and suds and indices.

For example

8 of 1728 +11 of 729 = x +16 of 216. Find x.

2x-6 × 128 = 64 . find the vale of x.

So its quite comfortable you guys to score full marks in this part and it happens if you have good concentration power and accuracy.



  • Approximaiton


This section consists of 5 question.

It is very easy but tricy one. For to score full marks on this part you must have good command on percentage and ratio proportion section and sound command on short cut trick of (divisioin, square root, cube root, multiplication). For to solve the question very quickly you must learn the basic percentage Table.

And I damn sure this will minimize you solution time.

Now I will just show you some question that has asked last year in RBI assistance.

For ex:-

  •   1728 -2456 +
  • 8547  14 +356 – 968


  • Data Interpretation

This part play a crucial role for the students and this section consist of 15 marks

It may be a pie chart, tabular presentation, bar graphs, histograph..

First in this section you have to analyze and understand the table or the graph.

To score in this section you must know the basic rule of percentage , average and ratio and proportion and the basic calculation.



  • Misslennious topic
TopicNo. of questions
Compound  and simle interest2
Average1 or 2
Ratio and proportion2
Problem of ages1
 Mensuration1 or 2
Problem on ages1
Boat and stream1
Work and time2
Lcm and hcf1
Speed , distance and time2
Pipe and cistern1
Problem on trains2



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