How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS PO VII

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How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS PO VII


Hello folks,

We are to provide you the best trick and approach to attempt maximum number of questions in your most awaited bank exam of IBPS PO 2017-2018.

There are few main topics which are very important for your exam and we gives you the full detail about those topics and share our strategy by following of which you can get maximum possible marks in quant section and this makes quant your scoring section.

Total marks for this section is 35 which is of 35 questions. So see the detailed information below in tabular form


          Quantitative Aptitude                    35 questions                 35 marks


Further detailed information of topics from which these 35 questions will come in your exam

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        No of questions                                  Topics
     5                             Quadratic Equation
    5                             Number series
    5                            Simplification/Approximation
    10                             Data Interpretation
    10                            Miscellaneous Questions (1 question each from individual topics of quant)

Topics which are important for your Miscellaneous Questions are given below

  1. Percentage
  2. Profit and loss
  3. Average
  4. Time and work
  5. Partnership
  6. Problems on ages
  7. Time speed and distance
  8. Probability
  9. CI and Si
  10. mensuration


And 2 or 3 topics are more from which question can come in your exam.

The best approach for preparation for this exam is :

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Firstly do all the topics except miscellaneous questions and confirm with the questions that no question form these 25 questions will go wrong than u s should come to the topics which are a part of miscellaneous questions.

Now do these topics very carefully and do asa many as questions you can do in your practice.

By doing there are many possibilities that are come in exam is form the questions which were practiced by you in your preparation time and you can do those questions in in a very short time.

And this is what every students want that he can do questions in a very quick way.


Reference for the books through which can cover almost all types of questions and you can see questions in your exam form these question


You can follow:

Rakesh Yadav’s Book for Quant

SS Bharti Book for Quant

R S agarwal

These three Books with our study material section is a complete package for your 100% success.

Do practice form now only for your exam and follow our website regularly for every latest information and guidance which are provided you for you success.


All the best


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