How to prepare for social science for Class 10th Board Exam

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How to prepare for social science for Class 10th Board Exam

How to prepare for Social science had always been a question in mind of students while they use to prepare for their class 10th board exam , even decades ago. Its well known fact that Social science is not a high scoring subject. Students always have to study many subject for this 80 marks or 100 marks depending on board.

Major subjects which are Part of Social Science syllabus of class 10th board exam are

  1. History
  2. Civics or Indian Polity
  3. Geography
  4. Econnomic

After re introduction of board exam after a decade . As per CBSE guidelines dated 8th October 2017 for class 10th board exam of 2018 Social science will have 27 Questions with possibility of choices from within Question but number of questions to be covered will be 27 and 1 Map based question of Geography total making it to be 28. Out of 27 questions 1 more Map from History can be expected.

Class 10th Social Science is very important in terms of future of a student as most of government exam syllabus is based on Class 10th syllabus of CBSE.

Previous year paper of class 10th sst board exam
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Focus on Word limit

While writing for paper of social Science or SST , students misses on word limit and misses time limit. While attempting question students should always keep in mind limitation of 3 hrs time as equal amount of time to be spared for each marks to be obtained.

Marking scheme of questions for board Exam

Expected Number of QuestionsMarks of Each questionNumber of words to be written
7 1 30
11 3 80
7 5 100
2 2-4 Maps to be marked
26-28 including Map 80 for Total Number of questions 1900 to 2200 words should be used in 3 hours

Board exam is not end of world and Social science has always been difficult for students. In 2018 many schools would not have teachers who would have them selves attempted for CBSE class 10th board exam.  After CCE , board exam is being brought in process which was discontinued long back in 2009.

Guidance of quality teacher is very important for board exam. Although CBSE social science is Social science of day to day life and India and little about world. Parents do not get enough time now a days in their run for earning money to Pay for School fee, coaching Fee, Home tutor fee and ……………

Think a while what you do when you get stuck some where while preparing for board exam


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