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Check out the Psychology Optional IAS Coaching in Allahabad

Psychology is easy to learn and most of the students who are enrolling for this course when it comes to IAS Mains exams. Though many institutes are not providing Psychology optional IAS coaching in Allahabad, you can check out the below information to know about it. Here we have also mentioned about self-learning for Psychology optional subject due to the lack of training centres in Allahabad.

IAS is a dream for many students out there. However, only certain students get an opportunity to pursue their dream. Check out some of the important tips that you need to follow for clearing the UPSC exams with high ranks. One of the easiest optional subjects in UPSC Mains in Psychology. If you are trying to learn it by yourself. Just follow the tips below. More than two hundred students are taking up Psychology optional in UPSC Mains but one-third of the students clear this subject. The average success rate in the past five years is not more than 10. Before 2010, students who ranked number one chose Psychology optionally.

Toppers like Shena Agarwal(2011), Shubra Saxena(2008) and Adapa Karthik (2007) have taken up Psychology as an optional subject. However, this gradually changed and students who took Psychology was attaining rank in the first hundreds. Before two years, students who took this subject gradually went down the ladder attaining 500+ ranks. The graph again increased and students are attaining first hundred ranks in the past two years. The graph might be dynamic but the syllabus of Psychology in UPSC is not. All you have to do is, take up a course in the institute which you feel good. Otherwise, make use of the tips below to start preparing for the IAS examination.

Tips for Psychology optional

  • Psychology is an interesting subject as you will be studying cognitive behaviours and see the world from a different perspective. It will always help you in life if you come to know about the psychology of human beings.
  • Study materials are ample and you don’t have to worry about it. Any graduate can take up this course. Certain portions in General Studies I will be coming from Psychology and in the essay paper as well.
  • When you start preparing, limit the number of books you refer to. It’s because you have to be very careful when doing this. Your time might be wasted as most of the books would have the same concept in different perspective. It’s better to make use of a few resources.
  • It’s not Maths to solve a problem or Science to explain a complex, make use of the intuitions to write answers from your mind.

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You can check out the below institutes to know whether they provide Psychology optional coaching in Allahabad. Most of the institute haven’t mentioned in the website.

Rank 1 Chanakya IAS coaching in Allahabad

The institute offers two courses for Optional subjects. The course offered in the institute is four subjects as per the website. You can just connect with them to know whether they offer  Psychology optional IAS coaching in Allahabad.

  • The foundation programs include GS (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Essay + Optional and the duration of the course is one year. If you are interested to extend the course, you can make it two or three.
  • GS Mains course is exclusively dedicated to the students. Four-month course that includes the best training, test series and regular practice sessions will certainly help the students.

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